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It's time to meet our DUC 2016 exhibitors

By Mark Higgitt | June 15, 2016

DUC 2016 logo final-300Delivering a high-value event is at the top of our DUC 2016 objectives. However, achieving that aim doesn’t end with pegging the cost of attending at DUC 2011 levels, or building the best agenda you’ve seen at a donorflex conference.

When the doors open for our main day of conference insight and information on Thursday, September 22, you’ll see that we’ve also assembled an inviting cast of exhibitors who’ll be there to chat to organisations and users at an individual level.

The names and faces will be familiar to delegates from their day-to-day operations and other events across the country:

AFD postcode software

It’s an undeniable fact that, if you want your donorflex database to reward you, day after day, then good quality data is the key.

Without the accurate addresses that are vital to effective, professional communications with your supporters, you’ll struggle to:

  • Make appropriate contact with them
  • Identify when you might be about to create a duplicate record
  • Analyse your rich data resource based upon geographical criteria

The correct information isn’t always available to you, so it’s essential that your data-entry staff are given the tools to do this efficiently.

donorflex integration with AFD post coding software ensures that you can achieve this.

Quantor scanning

We know that you’re well aware of the feeling that strikes when the taxman knocks, politely asking to see the paperwork underpinning your last Gift Aid claim.

For the best-organised charities, let alone those whose Gift Aid filing comes in the shape of box after box of certificates sitting on dusty shelves, it’s a moment to take a breath and hope your system stands up to scrutiny.

The last thing you want is to have to repay any of your much-needed Gift Aid income.
donorflex’s partnership with Quantor delivers the peace of mind you need.

The specialist West Midlands-based data scanning bureau provides a service that’s fast, flexible and great value for money.

In short, it provides you with a straightforward electronic retrieval method that’s very simple to use via the routines we’ve developed to control the processing of your data, from the moment it’s delivered to Quantor to the time it’s imported back into your system and you feel the immediate benefit.

Decaid Consulting

The Decaid Consulting team knows know how difficult it can be to recruit donors to your cause.

That’s why it specialises in helping charities raise money from individual giving with a focus not only on providing evidence for just how much more money can be raised by looking after donors better, but also on providing a toolkit to raise more money from donors straight away.

Between them, the team has experience of working with more 100 charities, and has analysed data from thousands of acquisition campaigns, from across every channel of donor acquisition.

They work across all departments of a customer’s organisation to identify and rectify gaps in back-end processes and procedures that are impacting on donor income.

Then they apply the insight they’ve learnt from the data analysis to help clients develop a customised donor journey.