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DUC 2016: Integrate, inform, innovate, inspire

August 25, 2016 - by Mark Higgitt

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Last modified on September 19, 2016

Yes! A new donorflex era will be unveiled to clients at our much-anticipated national donorflex User Conference in September – and we want to see you there.

DUC 2016 will be held on Wednesday-Thursday, September 21-22, at the Rootes Building on the University of Warwick’s campus in Coventry.

DUC 2016 logo final-300The venue has been chosen to make this big event in the donorflex calendar as accessible to as many organisations as possible. So has the cost.

Here’s how DUC 2016 will unfold:

Preferences and Compliance Masterclass (Wednesday, September 21)

The two-day event opens with an afternoon Masterclass session for chief executives, senior managers and trustees who have statutory responsibility for meeting their organisation’s legal obligations on fundraising regulation, consent and compliance.

It’s a must-see event, which is why we’re delighted that...

  • Gerald Oppenheim (Head of Policy at The Fundraising Regulator)
  • John Mitchison (Head of Preference Services, Compliance and Legal at the Direct Marketing Association)
  • Richard Marbrow (Senior Policy Officer – Government and Society – Strategic Liaison, Information Commissioner’s Office), and
  • Karen McKenzie (Director of Income Generation at Douglas Macmillan Hospice, Stoke, and an Institute of Fundraising leading light)

... have accepted our invitations to be on the platform.

The Masterclass will cost £50 (including VAT). The sector’s new requirements and working practices will be set in stone as the coming months unfold, so – in the run-up to the day – we’ll be providing delegates with an opportunity to highlight the issues they’d like to be covered.

An early word of warning, however. The Masterclass focus has already prompted a waiting list for seats in the 100-strong audience, so our advice is to book early.

In order to accommodate as many organisations as possible, we’re restricting booking to two Masterclass delegates per organisation.

DUC 2016 (Thursday, September 22)

Thursday’s agenda will unveil the new version of donorflex to you, and deliver the familiar chance to listen to sector experts offering their own insights in a series of workshop sessions that range from the traditional Gift Aid focus to a donorflex user’s ’donor journey’ project. All will be high value, so experience tells us to expect some organisations to book places for multiple delegates.

To help clients do just that within their restricted budgets, we’ve pegged the cost of attending Thursday’s event at £85 (including VAT) per delegate, the same level as for DUC 2011.

DUC 2016 agenda

Wednesday, September 21: Preferences and Compliance Masterclass

  • 12 noon: Arrivals, registration and light refreshments
  • 1.10pm: Richard Marbrow (Senior Policy Officer – Government and Society – Strategic Liaison) sets the scene from the Information Commissioner’s Office’s perspective
  • 1.30pm: John Mitchison (Head of Preferences, Compliance & Legal) outlines the view from the Direct Marketing Association
  • 1.50pm: Gerald Oppenheim (Head of Policy) provides the latest insights from the Fundraising Regulator
  • 2.10: Refreshments
  • 2.30pm: Karen McKenzie (Director of Income Generation, Douglas Macmillan Hospice) gives a charity’s point of view
  • 2.50pm: Let’s debate. We offer four scenarios for discussion
  • 3.30pm: Q&A – delegates ask our Masterclass panel for the facts and opinions
  • 4.15pm: Masterclass summary – we’ll wrap the afternoon up with some of the headlines
  • 4.30pm: Return to your teams armed with the latest insights – or prepare for Thursday, when new donorflex is revealed


Thursday, September 22: DUC 2016

  • 8.30am-9.30am: Arrivals and registration
  • 9.30am-9.45am: Welcome and housekeeping
  • 9.45am-11.00am: Welcome to the new donorflex era. Brian Todd leads the donorflex team in setting the scene for the new generation of donorflex, the key concepts and the future. We’ll then focus on Organised Events, the new Joint Enterprise model, donor management, and donorflex’s powerful new query and reporting tool
  • 11.00am-11.30am: Refreshments and meet the exhibitors
  • 11.30am-12.30pm: Welcome to the new donorflex era (continued)
  • 12.30pm-1.30pm: Lunch and meet the exhibitors
  • 1.30pm-2.30pm: Workshop 1
    • Option 1: Preferences and compliance (John Mitchison, Direct Marketing Association’s Head of Preference Services, Compliance and Legal). John follows his Masterclass contribution with a session on the same topic. Be ready with your questions
    • Option 2: Gift Aid (Neil Paterson, HMRC). Neil makes his DUC debut, but the insight he’ll bring to Gift Aid and other HMRC charity sector topics will be as important as ever in this familiar user conference session
    • Option 3: Data Protection (Gary Shipsey, Protecture). Another hot topic as the EC’s General Data Protection Regulation edges closer, and one that we’re expecting to be a very popular attraction as a result
    • Option 4: Data-cleansing (Neel Pattni, DBS Data). The quality of your data has always been vital, of course. It’s your most valuable asset and resource. Now the need for it to be forensically clean is growing, not just to meet the forthcoming legislative needs, but also to keep up with the best in terms of supporter care and retention
  • 2.30pm-2.45pm: Refreshments and meet the exhibitors
  • 2.45pm-3.45pm: Workshop 2
    • Option 1: Preferences and compliance (John Mitchison, Direct Marketing Association’s Head of Preferences, Compliance and Legal). A second chance to engage with John following his Workshop 1 session
    • Option 2: Gift Aid (Neil Paterson, HMRC). Neil returns for a second running of his earlier workshop session
    • Option 3: Social media (Aaron Bridgeforth, Marketing and Communications Manager, St Nicholas Hospice). Aaron will share insights about how the hospice’s use of social media has strengthened their fundraising, marketing and supporter care achievements
    • Option 4:  The donorflex journey (Clive James, Great North Air Ambulance, and Steve Mason). Clive and Steve will shine a light on the dividends being reaped in Darlington by the systematically expanded use of donorflex. You’ll be inspired
  • 3.45pm-4.00pm: Refreshments and meet the exhibitors
  • 4.00pm-4.30pm: The new donorflex era continues with what, for many, will be the best reveal of all – donorflex Anywhere, the future for your fundraising on the move
  • 4.30pm: Go home and share the excitement!

We think you’ll agree, that’s a line-up to savour!

Car parking is free

Some welcome last-minute DUC 2016 news for delegates who are planning to drive to the venue -- car parking is free.

To take advantage, this is what you need to do:

  • Download this car parking permit
  • Print it
  • Make sure you display it in your vehicle

The final point is important, as it’s your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the University of Warwick’s regulations.

The closest car park to the Rootes Building is Car Park 7, though this is likely to be a popular choice for early-birds.

If you’re not lucky enough to find a space, please continue down University Road and choose the next available car park that’s signposted as accepting conference delegates.

DUC 2016 accommodation

Coventry is well-equipped with hotel accommodation to suit all budgets within easy reach of the University of Warwick campus.

For those who wish to ease their travel plans even more by staying on the campus before or after the event, we’ve also negotiated a great B&B rate with the university.

  • Standard single study bedrooms: These are student accommodation that’s available prior to the new term starting. Facilities include a desk area, free wi-fi, tea + coffee, hairdryer, buffet breakfast, access to campus pool and sports facilities. The cost is £49.50 plus VAT per night (including £2.50 admin charge)
  • Premium single study bedrooms: These are plusher student accommodation that’s available prior to the new term starting. Facilities include a desk area, free wi-fi, tea + coffee, hairdryer, buffet breakfast, access to campus pool and sports facilities. The cost is £59.50 plus VAT per night (including £2.50 admin charge)
  • Bed and breakfast en-suite: This is a hotel-standard double or twin beds in the conference centre site. Facilities include the same as the above, plus a flat-screen TV with Freeview. The cost is £98 plus VAT (including £2.50 admin charge)


To make a reservation, contact the Warwick Conferences team direct on...

  • Phone: 02476 523338
  • Email:

... and quote this reference:

  • 1067994

Alternatively, simply advise them that you’re attending the donorflex User Conference / Care Data Systems event.

Let’s book!

Do this via the Bookings button, up there on the top right of the menu.

As usual, for practical reasons, this area is open only to the donorflex Liaison Manager at each of our client organisations. He or she is the colleague whose login credentials access areas of the website that are off-limits to other users.

Bear in mind that DLMs will need to re-enter their login credentials when the DUC 2016 booking system opens.


We don’t take your business for granted

That’s the pledge  and mind-set that’s driving development of the new generation of donorflex. We look forward to welcoming you to DUC 2016 in September.

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