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Still time to book, still time to shape the day!

By Hannah Todd | January 24, 2019
Last modified on March 20, 2019

With only six weeks to go before this year’s Regional User Group roadshows kick off in Birmingham, bookings continue to roll in and your suggestions for what we’ll discuss on the day are growing too.

Users heading for the North-West RUG are the pace-setters, with only a handful of places left – which prompts the familiar warning.

If you’ve been thinking about booking your place nearer to the event, we would advise to do it as soon as possible, as our ’house full’ notices went up well before the events at many venues last year.

Close behind the North-West is the North-East 1 roadshow, which is three-quarters full, with North-East 2 at two-thirds full, and the South-East, Midlands and Scotland at least half full.

This year, we’ve responded to client suggestions as to how the day will be structured, and the insights to be delivered.

You’ll read about those in a moment. But, first, let’s tell you about...


  • Tuesday, May 7: Midlands (midlands arts centre, Edgbaston, Birmingham)
  • Thursday, May 9: South-West and Wales (BAWA Health and Leisure, Filton, Bristol)
    • The SWW RUG was originally pencilled in for Bristol’s city centre Armada House venue. The city’s ongoing roadworks caused us to choose a venue closer to the motorway network
  • Wednesday, May 15: East (Arthur Rank House Hospice, Cambridge)
  • Thursday, May 16: South-East (Sandown Park, Esher)
  • Tuesday, May 21: Northern Ireland (Tiny Life, Belfast)
  • Thursday, May 23: Scotland (Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Glasgow)
  • Wednesday, June 5: North-West (Willowbrook Hospice, St Helens)
  • Tuesday, June 11: North-East 1 (The Mirfield Centre, Mirfield)
  • Wednesday, June 12: North-East 2 (Redworth Hall Hotel, Redworth, Newton Aycliffe)

As ever, our choice of venues has been made with cost, comfort and ease of access in mind.

The cost of a seat will be £55 plus VAT.


The sessions focussing on Consent & Preferences and the donorflex development road map are key moments on the roadshow agenda. So, we’ve inked those in already.

But the rest is down to you.

We’ve already been asked to cover some specific topics in the other two workshop sessions. And we’ve thrown planning for the rest open to delegates.

Before we ask you to add your voice to the suggestions, here’s how the vote looks at the time of writing, in order of popularity, region by region:

  • Midlands: 1. Communications 2. Imports 3. Insight 4. Coding and Data Policy 5. Bulk update tools (with Campaigns, and Gift Aid next up)
  • South-West & Wales: It couldn’t be closer, with Coding and Data Policy / Enquiries and data extraction / Insight / JustGiving / Lottery / Volunteer management all equally popular
  • East: 1. Communications (way ahead of the rest) 2. Bulk update tools / Coding and Data Policy / Datastream / Enquiries and data extraction / Events and Event enquiries / Insight / JustGiving / Lottery / Raffle (all equally popular)
  • South-East: 1. JustGiving 2. Imports 3. Bulk update tools 4. Campaigns 5. Datastream 6. Enquiries and data extraction (with Coding and Data Policy, and Dashboards close behind)
  • Scotland: It’s a three-way tie between Bulk update tools, Enquiries and data extraction, and Rapid Data Entry
  • North-West: 1. Enquiries and data extraction 2. Dashboards 3. Gift Aid (with JustGiving / Campaigns / Communications / Imports / Raffle equally popular)
  • North-East 1: 1. Enquiries and data extraction 2. Communications 3. Campaigns 4. Imports (with Alerts, and Dashboards the next most requested)
  • North-East 2: A four-way tie, at present, between Dashboards / Enquiries and data extraction / Insight / Rapid Data Entry

A click of this RUG 2019 agenda link will open an email message with the subject line already inserted. 

What we need you to do first is give us your details:

  • Name:
  • Organisation:
  • Job title:
  • Our ref: Please quote the number that you’ll find in the footer of the email that brought you this RUG update

Then look at the following topics and tell us your top five choices, in order of preference. Please note, we want to see one reply per organisation, so please pool your thoughts, if appropriate:

  • Communications
  • Campaigns
  • Direct Debit
  • Gift Aid
  • Rapid Data Entry
  • JustGiving
  • Lottery
  • Raffle
  • Alerts
  • Imports
  • Datastream
  • Enquiries and data extraction
  • Bulk update tools
  • Coding and Data Policy
  • Dashboards
  • Insight
  • Security
  • My other preferred module or topic is:

If you don’t see your preferred module or topic in the list, simply add it in the appropriate place at the foot of the email.


• 9:00am: Delegate registration / Refreshments
• 9.45am: Welcome / Housekeeping
• 10.00am: Consent & Preferences management
• 11.15am: Refreshments
• 11.30am: You decide! We’ll cover the topics that have emerged as priorities for your region
• 12.45pm: Munch and mingle
• 1.30pm: You decide again! More of the topics that have emerged as priorities for your region
• 2.30pm: Refreshments
• 2.45pm: The donorflex roadmap: Your chance to contribute to the next phase of donorflex development
• 3.45pm: Q&A
• 4.15pm: Carriages


Ask your donorflex Liaison Manager (DLM) – the colleague whose login credentials give access to areas of the donorflex website that are off-limits to most – to click the Bookings button, on the right of the main menu, and choose the venue.

It’s worth remembering a couple of things.

Firstly, the immediate fields of the booking form are for the details of the person who’ll be our point of contact for the booking.

If that person is also a delegate, which isn’t always the case, we need those details to be repeated after you’ve clicked the blue New delegate button. It’s also worth clicking the Update booking button once you’ve completed your registration. If you click it after each delegate has been booked, you and we will receive multiple email confirmations.

Secondly, if you need to replace a delegate with another colleague, please click the Yes radio button in the Cancelled? area, then and click New delegate to add the replacement.

If you simply over-write one delegate’s details with another, we won’t know that you’ve done so. That’s particularly critical if dietary or access needs are important.

That’s it! We look forward to another great RUG season.