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Meet the donorflex team

Alison Whitehouse, Administration Manager

Ali was part of the early donorflex days at Acorns Children’s Hospice. Now she nurtures new and prospective clients, and is the key cog in our internal admin operation.

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Alison Whitehouse, Administration Manager

I’ve been with donorflex now for…

... 23 years in total (if you’re reading this in 2019). The first eight years followed on from a few years working at Acorns Children’s Hospice. I like to think I had a hand in shaping the early version of donorflex with my occasional mutterings of ‘It would be really good if it could do….’ Seven years and two daughters later, I found I just couldn’t stay away!

My donorflex role…

My days are varied and can include ensuring prospective clients get all the information they need, talking to clients about training, various accounts tasks, liaising with suppliers and any other admin task I can lay my hands on.

Next time we chat, ask me about…

Costume dramas and why we need a whole channel dedicated to this genre. Is it really true that there’ll never be another series of Downton Abbey!

Next time we chat don’t get me started on…

... shop assistants whose days of texting friends and chatting to colleagues I occasionally interrupt by wanting to be served!

Here’s something you didn’t know…

I have two very left feet and still have fond memories of waltzing round with Brian at one of the Acorns Charity Balls many moons ago with both of us chanting ‘one-two-three, one-two-three’ and still managing to be completely out of time. I also have less fond memories of doing a complete stranger an injury at a Salsa class organised by more nimble friends. Best if I just avoid dancing in any form.

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