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Meet the donorflex team

Mark Higgitt, Media Services Manager

When journalist Mark met Brian Todd to co-ordinate the Action! record project in support of the West Midlands Children’s Hospice Trust, in 1985, little did they know where it would lead.

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Mark Higgitt, Media Services Manager

I’ve been with donorflex now since…

... 2007 (though that could be regarded as 2005, if you don’t count the eight-month gap when I was lured away to run Worcester Warriors’ media office in the then Guinness Rugby Premiership... sorry, Jude!). It was my former career as a newsman on the Second City’s Daily News that brought Brian and me together, in 1985, to organise the Action! record (you can still buy it on vinyl) project. I went on to other things, for a few more years. He created donorflex....

My donorflex role…

... makes every day different. It could be nurturing a prospective client through to the world of donorflex, organising a donorflex user event or managing the website.

Next time we chat, ask me about…

Worcester Warriors, my four grandsons – yes, I know, how can I look that young and be grandad to Luke, Tom, Jack and Max? – and how Austin the Austin’s doing. I’ve bored hundreds of people rigid rambling on about it. However, in case you don’t know, it’s the 1958 Austin A35 that I’m gradually restoring. It was registered on the day I was born. Fate brought us together.

Next time we chat, don’t get me started on…

... misplaced apostrophes, texting while walking, footballers who take a dive (it used to be a man’s game… there, I’ve said it!).

Here’s something you didn’t know…

My book Through Fire and Water, the story of the sinking of HMS Ardent in the Falklands War, was first published in 2002 and is still in print. So are two more recent books, 17: The death and life of Private Jason Burt (another Falklands story) and Sweet Turf and Sunday Mornings, a fly-on-the-ball homage to a real pub football team in my ancestral homeland, the Black Country.

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