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Meet the donorflex team

Patrick O'Donnell, Client Development Consultant

Patrick’s passion for the UK’s fantastic not-for-profit organisations – and the wonderful, different causes they all support – brought him into the sector, and then to donorflex.

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Patrick O'Donnell, Client Development Consultant

I’ve been with donorflex now since…

... 2007. I first came across donorflex while working at the Jubilee Sailing Trust in 1998 and, after a spell of travelling the world and working elsewhere, I approached Care Data Systems to see if I could join. Like lambs to the slaughter, they accepted me. Fools. Mixing my passion for charitable organisations with my IT skills makes working with donorflex an ideal fit. AND we have cakes on a regular basis too. They’re often followed by the donorflex keep fit club… ask Brian or Steve to do 50 press-ups the next time you see them!

My donorflex role…

... currently is ‘King Lotto’ – although it doesn’t say that on my business card. The lottery module provides our clients with a superb lottery and raffle systems unified with their fundraising database. One supporter, multiple streams of support. The unified database is the hot topic at all the lottery conferences we attend. My role? To guide clients from the very first flicker of interest right through to the point where they have happy, confident, lottery staff managing their lottery in donorflex and client organisations enjoying the benefits of the whole, integrated view of their supporters.

Next time we chat, ask me about…

Tonga (Ian has just asked me if the National Dance of Tonga is the Tongan Groove).

Next time we chat, don’t get me started on…

... energy-saving light bulbs.

Here’s something you didn’t know…

I’m building a canoe, which was meant to take two weeks. Sixteen years later (and counting)....

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We work with the key drivers of the UK charity sector.

Data Access Europe
Institute of Fundraising Corporate Supporter
Hospice Income Generation Network
Hospice Lotteries Association
National Lotteries Council