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Meet the donorflex team

Rachael Nicholas, Helpdesk Analyst

Rachael plays a vital role delivering front-line, day-to-day support to donorflex clients across the UK. You could say it’s a role she was born to – her dad, Ian, wrote the system.

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Rachael Nicholas, Helpdesk Analyst

I’ve been with donorflex now since…

... 2011, though that doesn’t count the time I spent as the cleaner!

My donorflex role…

I’m on the front-line delivering support to clients, although I do a bit of everything, from managing donorflex’s social media, to product-testing. My main skill, and one that makes me very proud, is my expert handling of the tea round.

Next time we chat, ask me about…

Poetry. Or bad television.

Next time we chat, don’t get me started on…

... people who think they’re too good for pop music. And bacon: it’s disgusting and must be stopped.

Here’s something you didn’t know…

I won an Eric Gregory award (for poetry) in 2012. I’m still waiting for them to realise they sent the letter to the wrong person.

Trusted by companies and organisations

We work with the key drivers of the UK charity sector.

Data Access Europe
Institute of Fundraising Corporate Supporter
Hospice Income Generation Network
Hospice Lotteries Association
National Lotteries Council