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Anticipation grows as we approach the new donorflex era

By Mark Higgitt | June 15, 2016

DUC 2016 logo final-300Every day and every booking slides the excitement level up a notch as we move closer and closer to DUC 2016 and start revealing the new generation of donorflex to you.

The opening DUC 2016 video describes that moment as the ’dawn of a new donorflex era’. There’s no other way of putting it.

Our day-to-day conversations with users suggest you share that sense of expectancy.

The DUC 2016 logo takes the shape of a letter ’i’, because it sums up all that we believe you want and need, both from the new version of your CRM software and the support that drives your use of it.

Inspiration, integration, innovation, information, insight and intelligence are the watchwords you’ll hear repeatedly in the weeks leading up to and after the user conference at the University of Warwick, in Coventry.

We’ve played a leading part in the health and wealth of UK charities for long enough to know how unsettling change can sometimes be.

So, you’ll also feel the familiar, reassuring donorflex arm around your shoulder as the weeks and months unfold.

Improve your working lives

What’s clear in our minds, then, is that we must deliver the features and functionality that improve your working lives and, at the same time, ensure we transform even the slightest flutter of apprehension into a sense of eager anticipation.

Our ’bite-size chunks’ approach to easing users in to fresh ground is well practised, and new donorflex is no different.

That’s why our users’ first look at the new version came at last summer’s regional user group meetings.

We followed that by showing the latest work-in-progress at the Midlands Hospices User Group gathering in August.

And we’ve recently given the new features their biggest airing to an individual organisation.

We’re delighted at the response. The positive feeling is building. If you’ve already run your eye down the DUC 2016 agenda, you’ll understand why.

Brian Todd will open the main conference day by leading the donorflex team in setting the scene for the new generation of donorflex.

He’ll detail the key concepts and the future. Then we’ll focus on Organised Events, the new Joint Enterprise model, donor management and Reports Builder.

The icing on the cake comes as the day reaches its climax, with our final ’reveal’... mobile donorflex.

Embracing the worldwide web

“This is a moment we’ve been waiting for,” says Brian. “We’ve delivered some powerful tools in the recent past, including the Gift Aid and Small Donations web interface with HMRC, Datastream, the JustGiving module, and our sophisticated link to BACs Direct Debit. They’ve given us priceless hands-on experience of dealing with the complexities of the worldwide web.

“We’re excited by the way the new donorflex generation will take that to another level. It will fit even better with the way our clients work and empower them to make the most of their precious time. We know just how much that will mean to the services they deliver to their causes.”

The pace and energy of our opening DUC 2016 video captures perfectly the mood and momentum that will continue up to DUC 2016 and beyond.

There’s another one on its way soon.

At the time of writing, almost 50 per cent of the seats at the opening Masterclass are already booked.

The main conference is nearing the same point as delegates sign up to witness the dawn of our new donorflex era.

We look forward to seeing you there.