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BIG new donorflex makes DUC 2016 a must-see event

By Mark Higgitt | August 16, 2016

It’s BIG. It’s revolutionary. And it’s the product that has the potential to empower your fundraising for years to come.

New donorflex has already prompted delight among users who’ve seen it as development has neared its peak.

Now it’s just weeks away from being unveiled to the donorflex world at large at donorflex User Conference 2016, which takes place on Wednesday-Thursday, September 21-22.

We think you’ll be stunned when you see it – which makes DUC 2016 a must-see event.

For those users who already have DUC 2016 on their diary, and those who haven’t yet booked, here’s a sneak preview from one part of a Record Management view, to show how much it’s changed and to develop a feel for what’s coming:

Record Management-2-detail

To see more, click this IT’S BIG link – or the ’sneak preview’ tab below – and be ready to use your donorflex website client login. You’ll be taken to the Home page, where the Login button will be waiting!

Alternatively, ask your donorflex Liaison Manager – the colleague whose credentials give access to pages that are off-limits to the public – to access the page and feel the excitement and anticipation rise!