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Derby Hospitals Charity... a case study by donorflex

By Hannah | October 23, 2018
Last modified on October 23, 2018

We’ve often mentioned that the functionality that donorflex provides to charity clients across the country plays a pivotal part in the results they deliver to their causes.

Our Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital case study illustrates eloquently the close connection between the way they use the donorflex CRM system and the remarkable outcomes they achieve.

To demonstrate how powerful the system is, the donorflex media team has also spent a day with Julie Chapman, Charity Manager at Derby Hospitals Charity, to find out how donorflex helps them day to day.

Derby Hospitals Charity exists to support the work of the Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

And, in an average year, they will donate an average amount of over £2m to the hospital for various items for all different wards and departments.


To find out more about Derby Hospitals Charity, please click the link.

Twitter: @hospitalcharity
Facebook Page: Derby Hospitals Charity