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donorflex 11.2 released

July 23, 2020 - by Mark Higgitt

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Feeling the power of donorflex 11.2

donorflex 11.2 has been released and is ready for clients to download, install, and use to power their response to the Covid-19 lockdown challenge.

The new functionality, which was due to be showcased at the annual season of Regional User Group roadshows, is the fruit of our close work with users across the UK – as ever.

Among the powerful new features it brings to our clients’ day-to-day missions are:

  • Biography: Searching on file contents / Updating biography / Deleting biography / Allowing more than one biography with the same heading with the same start date
  • CSV to Transit: Selecting alternative column to identify records
  • Path Selector: Selecting paths in communications
  • Regular Giving: Marking payments as missed as part of a mass update
  • Raffle: Sequence start number added to ’Virtual Raffle Books’ import

It can be downloaded – along with our usual supporting What’s new document – via this link to My donorflex / Downloads.

As usual, please also note these important points. They will be familiar, if you’ve managed previous service packs and releases.

When you choose to download the new installation, either your donorflex Liaison Manager or their registered deputy must use their specific username and password to log in, as this is a restricted-access part of the website.

Once there, these are the files you need. Simply save the files and proceed:

  • donorflex 11.2
  • What’s new in donorflex 11.2.doc

Remember that the upgrades are available only to organisations with a current Annual Software Support Agreement.

Most importantly, please also be ready to call the donorflex support team for the password to open the zip file listed above.

Time to upgrade

donorflex development has always been about delivering new features that make it easier and more intuitive to achieve more from your working day.

That was especially the case with the leap from donorflex 10.2 to donorflex 11.0.

Since then, the improvements have just kept on coming. So:

  • donorflex 10.2 users: If you still haven’t upgraded from 10.2, it’s worth doing as soon as you can.
    • It’s worth remembering that one of your initial steps in the transition straight to 11.2 will include running a Data Appraisal Report. It’s our special review utility for evaluating the readiness of your database for being upgraded.
  • donorflex 11.0 users: If you’re using 11.0, and haven’t yet upgraded to 11.1, we’d suggest you contact us and discuss your plans for the upgrade.

Go on, give us a call to find out more and set the ball rolling!

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