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New assistance package to meet lockdown needs

May 21, 2020 - by Mark Higgitt

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Don’t forget, we’re here to help

donorflex lockdown by your side logoLockdown has seen the donorflex team answering the call from clients across the UK for help in overcoming all kinds of challenges to keep their missions on track.

They’ve seen us turning our focus on all areas of the system. For example, to name just a handful:

  • Supporting people who are in roles that they didn’t occupy before the lockdown
  • Implementing new Lottery products
  • Preparing for the upgrade to donorflex 11.1
  • Cleaning their data to make it fit-for-purpose

What we’re talking about here is the kind of deeper training needs that step outside of the familiar, day-to-day conversation with the Helpdesk team.

These are topics that would normally involve a consultant’s arm around your shoulder, but which recognise that a full day of training isn’t required – or, indeed, possible or advisable – during the lockdown period.

The question is, has lockdown generated the need for you to receive the same kind of bite-size support? If so…

Here for you! The lockdown assistance package (LAP) bite-size deal

To reinforce the message that we’re here for you, we’ve created a new email route through to the consultants’ team. It’s

It puts us just a click away. We’d love you to use it to start a conversation, if you think a few more skills and a little extra know-how are all you need to explore the parts of donorflex you’ve never used before. It could save you time and make you money.

We’ll study your message carefully and put it in the hands of the consultant who’s best placed to support. Jo, Steve, Patrick or Paul will call for a preliminary chat, to find out how you’re doing at this difficult time and explore the way forward. And, if training’s something we agree upon…

Our bite-size budget-friendly price promise

… we’ll charge you just £90 (plus VAT) for 60 minutes of our online training time. That’s less than the pre-lockdown hourly rate – our contribution to your marvellous work in keeping the wheels turning during lockdown.

How our LAP fits in to the donorflex training approach

The LAP approach is for needs that call for a different approach from the one we take delivering more complex training and consultancy day(s), or consultative support (such as writing mappings / data policy work and so on). Our other, existing rates will continue to operate for those.

Remember, our assistance package offers bite-size training at £90 plus VAT per 60-minute session (would not include the cost-free initial conversation that explores both the need and the principle of progressing via a paid-for training session. Please note that loyalty training vouchers can’t be used in this case).

For our full Terms & Conditions, please click the link.

We’re ready and waiting

If you want to start the conversation, simply click this LAP email link and let us know what we can do.

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