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We want to hear your suggestions

By Mark Higgitt | April 21, 2015
Last modified on March 8, 2016

The build-up to a regional user roadshow season and the first months after the release of a software upgrade are both periods when creative juices flow more freely across the donorflex world.

When those two eras coincide, we’ve learnt to expect a rise in the number of suggestions made by users for new functionality or features, or for improvements in what’s already there.

That’s why you have the opportunity to channel your ideas and requests to us – whether they have the next generation of donorflex or the next user event in mind.

It’s as simple as clicking on the Contact button above and selecting the appropiate subject header from the dropdown list you will find there.

We’ll assess each one and decide whether...

  • Awareness: The feature already exists, but you haven’t come across it yet
  • Valid: It’s a fresh idea that our consultants and developers can explore
  • Maybe: It’s possibly a valid suggestion, but we need to probe further
  • Tell us more: We need to understand more clearly what you’re suggesting
  • ... and we’ll feed back to you.

We trust you’ll find that a useful addition to our lines of communication and look forward to watching your thoughts drop into the suggestions@ inbox!