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donorflex Insight

The ultimately flexible way to analyse your data

Your data is your organisation’s richest resource. It’s what drives results, shapes strategies and achieves objectives. To find out what part Insight plays in that process, read on or click the button below and ask us about it.

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donorflex Insight
Build your own queries
Work outside donorflex
Customise your views
Schedule email of results

Bringing your data to life like never before

Insight is yet another powerful donorflex tool specifically designed to help you get the very best out of your data. It gives you the means to dig into your data and report on the things your organisation wants to know.

The Insight module is made up of the two elements described below....

donorflex Insight

donorflex Insight is the tool you use to construct ’Insights’ using access to donorflex tables via a series of supplied SQL Views – or via views created by you.

You can build transactional or summary pivot table-style reports that can be output to PDF, CSV or Excel.

Once you’ve created an Insight, it can be scheduled to run and produce the report periodically. You can also define a list of email addresses for an Insight to be sent to.

Insight Viewer

donorflex Insight Viewer is an end-user tool that allows you to run Insight reports generated by your organisation or written by us.

The Viewer can, therefore, be deployed to users who aren’t responsible for building the Insights, but who need to produce the related reports.

Important note...

The Insight tool requires an understanding of the database structure and knowledge on table links / joins and the use of SQL.

donorflex Insight

The power to explore new data horizons

  • Make the most of your richest resource
  • Access donorflex tables via a series of SQL Views
  • Build your own queries
  • Analyse your data outside of donorflex
  • Custom your own views
  • Output to PDF, CSV or Excel
  • Send results by scheduled emails

Think how it could shape your future

Let’s recap. Insight allows users with some awareness of SQL databases to build queries in a visual way, giving them the ability to analyse and understand their data outside of donorflex’s comprehensive enquiry and reporting framework.

Results of such queries can be sent to Insight’s own pivot table for further analysis, or simply output as raw data.

And they can be scheduled to be run automatically, with results being emailed to any number of nominated recipients.

Insight queries are built around a comprehensive list of purpose-built, supplied SQL views but can also incorporate your own custom views, giving you the ultimate flexibility.

What’s not to like!

Let's chat about donorflex Insight

Whether you’re new to donorflex or one of our existing valued clients, to learn more about what donorflex Insight can add to your organisation’s understanding and strategic planning, don’t hesitate to call Alison Whitehouse or Steve Mason on 0121 458 7887, or use our contact form for a chat.

One other thing. If you're using the form, it would help enormously to have your full name, as well as the name of your organisation, and a contact phone number. Thanks!

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