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It's just seamless

The donorflex JustGiving module uses the JustGiving API to allow us to gather your information. It does it in a way that's... well, just seamless.

It saves time that can be devoted elsewhere

JustGiving is one of the most popular means for supporters to engage with charities, either through participation in events seeking sponsorship to raise money, or to raise funds for specific pledges that they’ve made, or for one-off donations. Because it’s so important to you, it’s important to us.

Why you’ll love the JustGiving module

  • Streamline your weekly processes
  • Stay on top of what your supporters are raising
  • Make the most of your administration resource
  • Time saved can be devoted elsewhere
  • Full training before use

Reaching into the heart of the data

donorflex product icon blue-1-transparentTo allow donorflex to make sense of the information JustGiving captures, JustGiving provides a series of custom codes that can be defined to convey the information that donorflex needs to handle the information that flows into it:

  • Who: The ID of the fundraiser
  • How: The reference for the event
  • Why: The source and application
  • Influence: The identity of a donor record that should receive a soft-credit for influencing the action that resulted in the money raised

The donorflex JustGiving module gives you the tools to manage the process from start to finish: code fundraising pages, download payment and Gift Aid files, and process that data directly in to your donorflex database.

If you’d like to know more, or you want to book JustGiving training, please give us a call on 0121 458 7887.