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I'm the decision-maker

You're vital to the conversations to come

I'm the decision-maker

It’s a heady responsibility

As the decision-maker, you have to deliver value for money, meet a budget, and demonstrate that your choice is going to propel your organisation to bigger and better things.

That’s why we need to be fully involved with you individually in the conversation from the outset as you to detail the part donorflex will play in setting and achieving your objectives – whether that’s looking at it from the frontline user’s point of view, or evaluating it as a tool to keep sharp and shape your strategic decisions.

This might well be the first of a number of visits to the donorflex website in the coming days and weeks. So, to make the most of your time on each visit, can we offer some thoughts on...


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Testimonials: Take your pick from a series of success stories with a difference – these case studies touch on the difficult moments as well as the positives you’d expect us to shout about. Click here

donorflex YouTube videos: Spend a few minutes finding out what we do, and what our clients say about us. Click here

The road to donorflex: No two implementations are exactly alike, but they all travel down a tried-and-trusted route. Click here

Getting to Know You: Tell us what you need, and why. The more we understand from the word go, the more we can tune our service to suit those needs. Click here

Let’s not forget your technical needs...

Your IT team might benefit from an early chance to look at our technical specification! Click here

Give us a call

Let’s open the conversation with a brochure and an early idea of what it will cost to make donorflex a member of your team that never takes a day off, and never forgets.

Just call us on 0121 458 7887 and we’ll tell you what you need to know.

Trusted by companies and organisations

We work with the key drivers of the UK charity sector.

Data Access Europe
Institute of Fundraising Corporate Supporter
Hospice Income Generation Network
Hospice Lotteries Association
National Lotteries Council