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The road to donorflex

Joining the world of donorflex users happens like this

The road to donorflex

When you make your initial enquiry about becoming a part of the happy world of donorflex users, you’re taking the first step in a journey that we hope will last a very long time.

It’s our job to make that process as easy and informative as possible.

We reckon there are seven stages between here and experiencing the joy of switching on donorflex as a user for the first time. Take a look below to find out what they are – but please bear in mind that Care Data Systems’ policy is not to take up an invitation to attend a presentation where there is no intention for donorflex to be demonstrated.

Enquiry stage: You ask about donorlflex


What we do

Say thanks: Thank you for calling

Chat: About your needs, provide initial answers about donorflex, supply you with costs and a brochure, and map out the road to donorflex

Getting to Know You: Ask you to complete our GTKY survey. We can’t emphasise enough how important this is to our delivery of insight to you. It highlights – from the outset – issues that are vital to a successful implementation (for example, IT set-up) 

Dossier: Create the dossier that will document decisions made from now on, right through to your first months as a donorflex user. This is where your completed Getting to Know You survey lives

Client Development: Introduce you to your Client Development Consultant. Either Jo, Patrick, Paul or Steve will be available to you in the coming weeks and months team to talk about your training needs, the consultation process, data translation and migration, and any technical questions

What you do

Feel relaxed: We understand that looking for a new database is a time of anxiety as well as excitement, so you’re in safe hands

Ask: Whatever you want to know, just fire away

Chat: Tell us what you need, and why. Don’t worry if you feel your database knowledge is a little thin. We’ll pick up the conversation at the pace and level that you set

Getting to Know You: Submit the GTKY survey

Read: Study the information we send you

Agree: Let’s set a date for a follow-up call so that we can provide insight and information at the right time and in the right way

Research stage: Information-gathering


What we do

In touch: Make a follow-up call to ensure the information you’ve requested has been received and understood

Getting to Know You: Expand and clarify on your GTKY survey answers, as appropriate, if you’ve submitted it

Emphasise: If you haven’t already done so, we need you to submit the GTKY – we rarely proceed to a presentation until we feel we have the understanding it helps to provide both of your current set-up and circumstances and your aims for the future. That includes our knowledge of both your existing IT and data structures

What you do

Inform: Tell us of your needs in preparation for seeing donorflex in action. We strive to show you the system working in as close a way to your needs as possible

IT focus: Ensure your IT structure’s appropriate, and be ready to discuss your plans for upgrading it, if it isn’t

Data focus: Help us to understand your data structure in readiness for a possible data translation

Presentation stage: donorfliex in action


What we do

Prepare: Use our growing knowledge of your needs – contained in the expanding dossier – to prepare and deliver a presentation of donorflex

Present: Show you donorflex in action, either here in Birmingham or at your office 

Agree: You guide us on the timing of a follow-up call, so that we can cover any points that have emerged since the presentation, and establish the next actions and point of contact

Data focus: Continue discussing your current data structure and – if appropriate – take a look at a cut of it

IT focus: Continue discussing your IT and network issues

Look ahead: What might be coming up next on the road to donorflex

What you do

Presentation: Decide how, when and where you’d like to see donorflex in action 

Information: Provide us with the insight we need to make that experience fulfilling – for instance, identify the functions and process you want to see in action, and brief us about who’ll be in the presentation, and what their area of focus is

Team-work: Make sure that your colleagues are prepared and take the opportunity to ask their question

Enjoy: Be inspired by it!

Post-presentation stage: Over to you!


What we do

In touch: First and foremost, we don’t hassle you. We know that you have lots to think about, and that it’s a big decision

Data focus: After signing a Data Privacy commitment, we’ll look at your data to evaluate translation costs. Your Client Development Consultant – in effect, your account manager – will outline the database statistics and produce a list of requirements for which our technical team will be asked to prepare a quote

Data migration: We’ll compile an internal, detailed Data Migration quote. Our technical team will add their judgement about the scope and cost of additional work that could be carried out at this point

Agree: We’ll compile and deliver to you a Data Migration Agreement that details:

  • The list of agreed data to migrate
  • The itemised cost of doing so
  • The donorflex policy regarding migrations that exceed the time estimate

Support: Do you prefer a first-year Annual Software Support Agreement or an enhanced Premium Support Agreement?

Confirmation of costs: With insight from the above, we’ll send you a general Confirmation of Costs document

IT focus: We’ll also discuss pertinent issues with your IT team before sending the Agreement of Sale document

What you do

Feedback: Tell us honestly what you think about donorflex. This is the time to discuss how you’ll be able to achieve your objectives using the system – so don’t be afraid of putting us and the software to the most rigorous test, as this is a big step you’re about to take

Negotiate: Let us know how we can ease your journey to becoming a donorflex user

Data focus: Show us your data for evaluation purposes

Purchase stage: Welcome to donorflex!


What we do

Hooray: On hearing that you want to add donorflex to your team, we compile and send Agreement of Sale documents that require a donorflex and charity sign-off before proceeding

Website: Set up your account for, including the login for the person who’ll fulfil the all-important donorflex Liaison Manager role, which give access to sensitive areas of the client menu

Welcome pack: This includes a welcome letter – which contains your web login / password and consultation schedule – the first of two invoices, your Preparing for donorflex document, the donorflex Privacy Policy, and your donorflex disk

What you do

Nerves: Don’t let them overcome the excitement

Data focus: Send us any data required for the agreed translation

Plan dates: We’ll start with your consultation – which is when we’ll work with you, at your pace, to create your all-important Data Policy and coding framework – and also put ink in the diary for your implementation and training

Start-up stage: You’re up and running


What we do

Consultation: We conduct the consultation, which will shape and deliver your Data Policy and coding framework

Data migration: We’ll check your translated data, which we need to do a suggested minimum of three days before the consultation

Implementation: We’ll open the world of donorflex to you … and, in bite-size portions, we’ll start providing you with the skills to make the most of donorflex for your organisation and its beneficiaries

What you do

Relax: Enjoy yourselves as we implement donorflex

Advise: Tell us what we need to know as we set up your Data Policy, which is the heart of your donorflex system

Thrive: Make the most of your donorflex training days. We appreciate that some colleagues will find this an anxious time as they prepare for the unknown and leave the comfort and security of old ways behind, so our training is geared with you to overcome those apprehensions

First-year stage: Building skills and confidence


What we do

Support: Using your Account Manager as your primary point of contact, we’ll deliver agreed support as part of your first-year ASSA package or first-year Premium Support package, as appropriate

Helpdesk handover: At an appropriate point in your development, your Account Manager will hand you over to the care and commitment of the helpdesk

Welcome: You’ll receive a welcome phone call from Helpdesk supervisor

What you do

Thrive: Become a great donorflex user!

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