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For 35 years, our team has been committed to delivering innovative CRM solutions tailored to the needs of the charity sector  

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Our story through people-centric innovation

Our commitment is not just to provide visionary donor management solutions, but to create a dynamic community where your feedback is not just welcomed; it’s integral.

The roots of donorflex were planted in 1986 in the form of a key data control project to support and promote the children’s hospice movement. One of our founders, Brian Todd, inspired by the then Helen House in Oxford, was actively involved with the multi-disciplinary team instrumental in establishing children’s hospices in the UK, collectively seeing the fundamental need to support families impacted by the challenges of their youngsters’ life limiting diagnoses.

The need for computer-based core record-keeping and fundraising support was essential to support fundraising operations. It was essential to account for charitable income to include appeal response and promotion of planned giving, events management, merchandise sales, control of collecting box issue and their return.

The practical experiences gained in this era shaped both further developments and the reputation of donorflex and, at the request of other hospices, it was launched during 1988 to address the need for both technological advances and information systems demands.

Fast forward thirty-six years and donorflex is now engaged within many different charity sectors and our dedication to the sector has not changed. Our vision remains firmly with empowering great causes to deliver their mission.

Expert guidance, every step of the way

By fostering an open dialogue, we not only hear your voices but actively incorporate your suggestions into the future of donorflex.

donorflex is built on our strong belief and commitment to gold-standard support to each of our donorflex users. Our team have close to 200 years of combined experience in roles within the charity sector and go above and beyond every single time. We recognise that the true value of our platform lies in the hands of those who use it every day.

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