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Our friendly approach is the same whether you’re looking for a database partner, need reassuring while you find your way or seeking advice as an experienced donorflex user. 



Our consultancy services are centred on delivering focused advice and expert guidance tailored to your needs. Whether you’re implementing, optimising or managing your data and strategies, our consultancy aims to bring positive outcomes to pave the way for sustained success. 


Training & Support

We understand the importance of a good and timely response to your operational questions and needs and we’ll always go that extra mile. Our tailored training and support sessions are designed for all levels and offer bespoke and modular training either on site, at our donorflex headquarters in Birmingham or in an online solution. 

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Our dedicated support team stands ready to assist you at every step of your journey. Whether you need technical guidance, customisation assistance, or simply have questions, our experts are here to ensure your experience with donorflex is seamless and successful. Contact us today for personalised support! 

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Why choose donorflex?

Experienced Expertise

With over 35 years of dedicated experience in the charity sector, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every endeavour. Our deep understanding of the charity sectors’ nuances allows us to provide tailored solutions and unparalleled support to our clients, ensuring their missions are met with the utmost effectiveness and impact.


Being client-oriented with CRM software means prioritising the needs and goals of our users above all else. We strive to understand the unique challenges they face in the charity sector and tailor our CRM solutions accordingly. Through ongoing communication, training, and support, we empower our clients to leverage the full potential of our software, driving efficiency, fostering stronger donor relationships, and ultimately achieving greater impact in their mission-driven work.

Shared Values

Sharing values with the charity sector is at the core of our identity. We believe in the power of compassion, integrity, and social responsibility to drive positive change. By aligning ourselves with these values, we forge meaningful connections with our clients and partners, working collaboratively to address pressing social issues and make a lasting impact in our communities.

Easy to Approach

Being approachable to clients is paramount to fostering trust and collaboration. We understand the importance of creating an open and welcoming environment where clients feel comfortable sharing their needs, concerns, and aspirations. Through clear communication, active listening, and responsive support, we strive to be always accessible and approachable. By building strong relationships based on mutual respect and understanding, we empower our clients to navigate challenges with confidence and achieve their philanthropic goals effectively.

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