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i'm a client

What the client menu has in store

The My donorflex section of the donorflex website is waiting for you to log in.

It’s where you’ll find a variety of tools specifically designed to boost your use of donorflex.

We hope you’ll already have looked at the Products and Services tabs to see what donorflex has to offer but, as a valued client (new or old!) you also have unique access to the password-protected My donorflex section of our site.

Let’s start with insights about access....


donorflex Liaison Manager

Every donorflex client organisation has a person designated as their donorflex Liaison Manager, or DLM for short. We set their usernames and passwords.

Their login credentials give access to areas of the My donorflex menu that are off-limits to all other users.

The DLM must visit the Contact page if you wish to change you password or create a Client website account to allow a colleague to access the My donorflex menu.

Create a client user account

If you want to register a user account to access the My donorflex menu – other than the areas that are open only to your high-level user – ask your DLM to visit the Contact page and request that we create an account.

Changing a password

Whether you're a DLM or a general donorflex user with login credentials to access the My donorflex client menu area, you might wish to change your password at some point.

To do so, you'll need to request the change via the Contact link above the main menu or by calling 0121 458 7887.

We'll make the change here and confirm the new password either via email or phone.

A quick reminder! Don't confuse your donorflex website credentials with your username and password for accessing donorflex itself, as the two aren't connected.

Courses and bookings

On the right-hand side of the menu, you’ll see a Bookings button. This will take you to the booking form for donorflex training modules and user events. There are two key things to remember....

Firstly, please note that this part of the website is accessible only to the donorflex Liaison Manager at our client organisations, whose login credentials provide access to key areas that are off-limits to all other users.

Secondly, when you click the Bookings button, you'll be asked to log in again.

We've set your DLM username and password to coincide with your login for the My donorflex area.

You must not change your username. However, if you choose to reset your password, make sure you remember it – because we won't know it. That's why we'd prefer you to follow the directions for changing a password given above. Thanks!

Handy hints

The donorflex YouTube channel is the home of our Handy Hints videos, which will help you to make the most of donorflex. Please note that you’ll be asked to log in to view them.

If you need a donorflex My donorflex website account created, please speak with your donorflex Liaison Manager, who’s the colleague nominated as the person to co-ordinate such requests via the Contact page.


Here’s your opportunity for you to channel your ideas and requests to us – whether they have the next generation of donorflex or anything else in mind.

Known issues

The place to find out more about the known issues in donorflex, along with their current status.

Terms & Conditions

... for training courses and events, that is.

donorflex support

For more information on any of our services, or to talk to one of our help desk team, call us today on 0121 458 7887. We look forward to hearing from you.

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