Sophisticated import tools allow you to bring in data from any 3rd party data source

Bottom Right v2 features

Data mapping

Datastream allows you to build mapping templates that map fields from the incoming data source to the required donorflex destination. You can enhance and augment the data:

Manipulate the format of the data, e.g. convert a date into the donorflex accepted format.

Combine multiple fields and map to a single donorflex destination field.

Split incoming data across multiple donorflex destination fields.

Build data substitution rules to convert incoming data to meet the data coding rules in your database.

Build filter rules where you need to direct data to different aspects of the database.


Having created a Datastream mapping you can import the data via the comprehensive range of import tools (people, money, events to name but a few). Duplicate checking is part of the data upload process to ensure the integrity of your database is not compromised.

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The donorflex fundraising database serves as the comprehensive solution for charities and not-for-profits, offering unified management for all aspects of fundraising, including lottery and raffle functionality.  

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