donorflex Lottery

This optional module enables you to unify your Lottery play activity with your CRM data

Bottom Right v2 features

Unrivalled features

A comprehensive lottery management tool designed to simplify the administration of your lottery or lotteries.

Powerful tools allow you to bring players, plays and payments into the system as well as comprehensive enquiries and insights, alongside a robust coding structure, enabling you to understand the who, why and where of your players.

Unrivalled features

Managing multiple lotteries simultaneously be they drawn weekly, monthly, or quarterly or of different themes e.g. a single random number or 6 numbers between 1 and 9.

Managing a single view of the lottery player irrespective of the number of plays and the number lotteries they belong to.

Offer a ‘Keep the Change’ amount where players can round up their payment from e.g. £4.34 to £5.00 or £13.00 to £15.00 and £4.34 or £13.00 is processed as stake monies while £0.66 or £2.00 is processed as a Gift Aid-able donation.

  • Import payments where a single payment can furnish the stake and Keep the Change amount for multiple plays for multiple players across multiple lottery types.
  • Accurately manage and report remote lottery plays.
  • Allow for rollover prizes.
  • Include single tickets.
  • Allow for the management of Lottery Gift Vouchers where the details of the purchaser are recorded, and vouchers can be redeemed by recipients.
  • Powerful enquiries and reporting.

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Other optional extras

The donorflex fundraising database serves as the comprehensive solution for charities and not-for-profits, offering unified management for all aspects of fundraising, including lottery and raffle functionality.  

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