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By Mark Higgitt | August 1, 2017
Regulator launches new Code of Practice
Charities have been given between two and four months to introduce all of the changes to the Fundraising...
By Mark Higgitt | June 27, 2017
Woking Hospice's £3.4m wonder... with a little help...
The donorflex team is rarely more than a couple of steps from the sharp end of what our clients do...
By Mark Higgitt | June 6, 2017
Last chance to get ready for new donorflex
The build-up to the release of new donorflex has focussed mainly – so far – on those client...
By Mark Higgitt | March 20, 2017
Meet Bob... he's the reason that we do what we do
donorflex has assembled a pleasing collection of accolades over the years – pleasing for us, but...
By Mark Higgitt | March 14, 2017
Next steps on your path to a new donorflex era
  The six-step plan for implementing new donorflex, which was unveiled in tandem with our...
By Mark Higgitt | March 14, 2017
The new regulation era: Who does what, why, and where
The build-up to the new era of fundraising regulation that will govern UK charities’ relationships...
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