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CMAC Covid-19 Return to Work risk assessment

August 17, 2020 - by Mark Higgitt

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Post-lockdown: We’re ready when you are

donorflex lockdown by your side logoThe donorflex team has completed our Covid-19 return-to-work risk assessment at Patrick House, in line with Government guidance, and is ready to welcome staff and visitors once again – when they feel the time is right to do so.

We’ve mitigated all the potentials risks associated with this small but key step, including:

  • The decision for our team to continue working from home for the time-being, with the option for a gradual return for those who wish to do so
  • The creation of a dedicated, self-contained training room on site here in Birmingham, and
  • The adoption of strict guidelines that will make our visits to client premises as safe and productive as they can possibly be

The new first-floor training room at Patrick House has a one-way system using separate entrance and exit doors, with full hygiene control and space for five delegates and their donorflex trainer to work safely at a distance of 2.5 metres.

We’ll continue to meet online as a team for internal purposes, keeping the need for gatherings of any kind in our own part of the Patrick House building to an absolute minimum.

And any visit by us to a client’s site will be shaped by a combination of the guidelines of the host organisation and our own rules of engagement.

Where a client isn’t yet confident enough to do either, we’ll continue with our existing, remote-delivery channels for providing support.

Starting the post-Covid recovery

In short, we’ve developed a way of working that recognises the very different stages our clients find themselves at as the lockdown era gradually changes shape – but one that, above all, accounts for the need for them to start their post-Covid recovery as soon as they’re ready.

“There’s a long way to go before life returns to anything like the normal we knew before the Covid-19 lockdown began,” says managing director Brian Todd. “The past few months have asked a lot of everyone, so we felt it was important to complete our risk assessment and be ready to offer a safe training environment at Patrick House as soon as possible.

“Some clients are happy to come to us, so we’ve created our new self-contained training facility. Others are telling us that they’re not yet comfortable about coming here for training or consultation, but are keen to welcome us to their premises. So we’re ready to travel to them and give support while following both our own Covid-19 guidelines and those of our clients.

“At the start of lockdown, we took the decision not to furlough any staff, so that we could provide uninterrupted support to clients at their greatest moments of need. Now that income generation teams are starting to refocus their donorflex skills, and check the well-being of their data, we’re ready to move up a gear again.”

You know where to find us

If you’re keen to talk to us about training or consultation – at your place or ours – please call the usual number or email your normal point of contact.

And don’t forget our bite-sized training deal

We’ve created our Lockdown Assistance Package (LAP) deal for clients whose training needs step outside of the familiar, day-to-day conversation with the Helpdesk team, but which also recognise that a full day of training isn’t required – or, indeed, possible or advisable – during the lockdown period.

For more details, click this LAP link. We look forward to hearing from you!

CMAC Covid-19 Return to Work risk assessment notice

For your reassurance, please download a copy of our CMAC Covid-19 return to work notice.

CDS Covid-19 Return to Work guidelines

Clients contemplating a request for training and / or consultation, either at Patrick House or at their location, can also download a copy of our CDS-Covid return to workplace risk assessment doc 2020-client version document.

It’s a short version of the full document, to provide them with quick and easy insight about our approach to face-to-face meetings with them.

For the full version of our CDS-Client Covid return to workplace risk assessment 2020 document, please ask your organisation’s donorflex Liaison Manager (DLM) to login in to the password-protected My donorflex / Downloads page.

This document details how thoroughly we’ve assessed and mitigated the risks of returning to work in the areas of our Patrick House office that aren’t open to visitors.

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