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donorflex 11: Service Pack 4 released

By Mark Higgitt | September 28, 2018

donorflex 11 Service Pack 4 is ready for users to download from the website.

Please note that it’s only relevant to organisations that have already implemented donorflex 11.

As usual, please also note these important points. They will be familiar, if you’ve managed previous service packs.

When you choose to download the new installation, either your donorflex Liaison Manager or their registered deputy must use their specific username and password to log in to the My donorflex client menu’s Downloads link, as this is a restricted-access part of the website.

Once there, these are the files you need. Simply save the files and proceed:

  • donorflex 11.0
  • What’s new in donorflex 11.0 Service Pack 4.doc

Remember that the Service Packs are available only to organisations with a current Annual Software Support Agreement.

Most importantly, please also be ready to call the donorflex support team for the password to open the zip file listed above.