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An exciting new donorflex era...

June 23, 2022 - by Hannah Todd

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Last modified on June 23, 2022

You know that the donorflex team knows that great data, and putting people first, is the foundation of great things to come.

That’s what’s inspired us to create a new series of donorflex Awareness videos.

They’re in the same vein as our popular 12 festive Christmas Cracker videos – released just before the Covid pandemic struck – and our original Handy Hints series, which showed you how to use different areas of donorflex.

The bite-sized Awareness videos allow you to broaden your knowledge of what you can do in donorflex to help improve your workflow and make your donorflex day even better.

You can find the first series of them by clicking the Video link in the menu above, but here’s a brief taste of what’s to come:


More and more charities want to move data into their donorflex CRM database quickly and easily from external sources like the internet.
Our powerful Datastream mapping utility’s been at the heart of that mission for the best part of a decade now.

When you see what it does, you’ll understand why Datastreamers love it.


Everything in the donorflex CRM system is geared towards delivering the kind of efficiencies that free our UK charity sector income-generation teams to make even more of every day.
That’s why they love the donorflex JustGiving module.

It uses the JustGiving API to allow you to gather your supporters’ information in a way that’s... well, just seamless. You’ll wonder how you managed before!

Lottery – Keep the Change

For more than a decade, the donorflex Lottery module’s empowered our UK charity sector income-generation teams to integrate their standard data with their valuable lottery activity, without the expense of a third-party lottery management system.

For more than a decade, they’ve regarded it as... well, simply marvellous.

Today’s focus takes the simple – and the straightforward – to new heights. It’s the donorflex Lottery system’s simply brilliant Keep the Change feature.


donorflex Raffle’s an eye-opening part of the donorflex CRM database’s impressive box of integrated fundraising tools with the power to unleash your team’s potential and take your fundraising to previously unexplored places.

It does the hard work so you don’t have to. Whether you want to fully manage a stand-alone raffle, or inflate your main Lottery draw with single tickets, it’s slick and feature-rich.

Whatever your objectives, you’ll be able to set them and smash them. The sky’s the limit.

donorflex Go

donorflex Go enables our UK charity income-generation teams to take their donorflex CRM skills on the road and stay in sync with the team back at base – in real time.

It’s designed to work on smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops and desktop computers.
In other words, they can slip quickly and smoothly into gear, whoever they’re seeing. A natural extension to their donorflex day. What’s not to love!

Don’t forget to share them with your colleagues!

And finally….

Our mission to keep improving donorflex continues as we prepare to deliver donorflex 12.0 to you and your colleagues – more on that very soon! Keep your eyes peeled for some very exciting news as the summer unfolds.

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