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Next steps on your path to a new donorflex era

March 14, 2017 - by Mark Higgitt

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Last modified on December 5, 2017

Six steps to new donorflex 

The six-step plan for implementing new donorflex, which was unveiled in tandem with our ‘Get ready for new donorflex’ Regional Training Days, has come back into sharp focus with the news of a release date for new donorflex.

The RTDs themselves – and the great new functionality they showcased – formed the first of the six stages.

The key stage following that was the release of the Data Appraisal Review utility that all clients will be required to run before their installation CD is released, in order to prepare your data for the upgrade.

To move those preparations forward, clients are being asked to bring themselves up-to-date with the Data Appraisal review.

Data Appraisal Review Utility

Clients will need to run the Data Appraisal Review utility in order to prepare their data for the upgrade to new donorflex.

This utility will not amend or update any data. It simply produces an HTML report on various areas of your data as well as extracting some csv data files for you to review and update your data.

The utility can be found by logging in to the My donorflex area of and then navigating to the Downloads area. Here’s how to find it:

  • Ask your donorflex Liaison Manager – the colleague whose donorflex website credentials give access to your My donorflex area – to login
  • Hover your mouse over the My donorflex menu button and slide down to the Downloads section. Click to enter
  • Navigate to the password-protected Data Appraisal Review utility zip file and download it
  • Call the donorflex helpdesk team to be given the zip file password

The Data Appraisal Review will be available initially ONLY to organisations that attended a donorflex Regional Training Day. *

If you have any questions about the review utility, please click this donorflex Data Appraisal Review support link, so that one of the consultants can support you. Don’t forget to add your name and contact details, along with a brief explanation of your needs. Please note:

  • It would be helpful to us if you could attach your HTML report file to your email
  • The HTML file DOES NOT contain any personal data from your database
  • Please DO NOT email us your extracted csv files
  • The csv files DO contain sample data from your database


Your six-step plan to change

Here’s how the six-step plan was outlined to RTD attendees:

Step 1

Regional Training Days: These were the start of your preparations for new donorflex. They gave a detailed insight into its new features, and a demonstration of the Data Appraisal Review utility that we’ve provided to you, which will give an insight into the condition and consistency of your data in preparation for your upgrade.

Step 2

Data Appraisal Review utility: We want it to be business-as-usual for you when the upgrade is completed, so you’ll use this special review utility to evaluate the readiness of your database for being upgraded.

Step 3

You brief your team: The RTD insights will equip you to brief your team about the new product and begin planning the way forward. Then prepare your users and your data for the upgrade in a systematic way. Once you have your plan ready, you can move to Step 4, the client upgrade survey...

Step 4

Client upgrade survey: We’ll ask you some important questions about how and when your preparations for the new product will happen, and who will be the key colleagues along the way.

Step 5

donorflex installation CD: With your Data Appraisal Review complete, in liaison with your technical team, we’ll send the installation CD for new donorflex and schedule your upgrade so that donorflex support can be on stand-by to help with any needs.

Step 6

Do great things with new donorflex! Over to you. Make the most of the great new features that will help to drive your fundraising success to impressive new heights.

Important note for non-RTD attendees

* Organisations that didn’t attend an RTD will need to engage with a donorflex client development consultant to plan their way forward.

Important note for non-SQL clients

** Clients running donorflex on a non-SQL server platform will not be able to enjoy the great features of the new product until they upgrade to SQL. Likewise, please engage with us.

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