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Our congratulations to the Institute of Fundraising

February 25, 2020 - by Mark Higgitt

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Last modified on February 25, 2020

Proud moment as Queen approves IoF’s Royal status

The donorflex team has sent its congratulations to the Institute of Fundraising after the organisation was granted chartered status by the Queen.

Her approval paves the way for the IoF to become the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, possibly as early as April.

The IoF has been working towards becoming a chartered body since 2015, with the objective of elevating the public’s regard for the fundraising profession, making fundraising a more attractive career, and adding to the status of its members.

The Royal Charter won’t take effect until the Royal Seal is granted, conferring chartered status on the organisation.

“This is a huge achievement less than 37 years after a few volunteers met for the first time to form what is, today, the Institute of Fundraising,” said Peter Lewis, the IoF’s chief executive.

“It demonstrates, through the Royal Charter, formal public recognition across the UK of fundraising as a profession and of the specialist professional skills fundraisers bring to their work, making the world a better place.”

The IoF was formed just a few years before donorflex was created. Since then, there’s been a clear symmetry between the developments we’ve seen in the way our clients’ teams go about fundraising and the pivotal work that the Institute has done to bring structure to our part of the charity sector, and to keep on raising standards.

“It’s a proud moment, and everyone involved in fundraising can share in that sense of pride,” says Brian Todd, donorflex managing director.

“We’ve been delighted to play a small part in that as an IoF corporate partner, over the years. That relationship’s important to what we do. It keeps us informed and challenged, and better able to deliver a high level of support to the teams who make things happen for their causes.”

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