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Unleash the potential of your unified data

June 30, 2022 - by Mark Higgitt

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If there’s one thing the donorflex team’s learned, in almost 35 years supplying CRM software know-how and support to UK charities, it’s that keeping in touch with our clients’ needs is the key to everything. It’s certainly paid off.

donorflex started life in the hospice sector, so it’s unsurprising that our first 23 clients were hospices. The fact that 22 of them are still valued members of the donorflex base speaks volumes, we think.

They average 30 years on board, which means we’ve accumulated more knowledge than most about what makes a hospice income-generation team’s supporter-care mission tick.

Wolverhampton’s Compton Care team has been a donorflex partner for a mere 27 years. The names and faces there might have changed a few times in the years since, but one simple principle has always applied: We’re the extra man on their team.

So, when Individual Giving & Lottery Manager Marie Von Wurzbach identified the need to know more – much more – about the folk who play the lottery as part of their support for the hospice, she called her go-to pals at donorflex.

What happened next was at the heart of our Hospice Income Generation Network conference workshop alongside Marie, back in March. But the insights she delivered, about unleashing the potential of data managed in a unified database, are just as powerful to income-generation teams in the wider charity sector.

“Having a CRM database that allows us to explore what those possibilities are is just brilliant.” That’s how she concludes her assessment of the project.

People like Marie inspire us. We hope her reflections inspire you.

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