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BIG new donorflex creates a buzz at DUC 2016

September 23, 2016 - by Mark Higgitt

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donorflex User Conference 2016

Reflections on two great days of charity insights 

The legs might have been weary, but the conversation was still energetic as the donorflex team reflected on a record-breaking donorflex User Conference 2016.

More than 270 delegates made the University of Warwick’s Rootes Building home as the two-day DUC 2016 delivered insights on BIG new donorflex, as well as the key issues challenging the sector.

The Preferences and Compliance Masterclass that opened the event on Wednesday, September 21, drew a unique gathering of luminaries to the platform for an up-to-the-minute discussion on the hottest of hot topics that’s at the forefront of fundraising minds across the UK.

The Information Commissioner’s Office’s Senior Policy Officer, Richard Marbrow, joined the Direct Marketing Association’s Head of Preferences, John Mitchison, and the Fundraising Regulator’s Head of Policy, Gerald Oppenheim, to robustly set the scene from the perspective of those organisations that enforce and regulate the data protection and compliance rules that govern the sector.

Douglas Macmillan Hospice’s Director of Income Generation, Karen McKenzie, represented the assembled donorflex clients on the panel by detailing the areas of anxiety and interest that are driving conversations and planning in the heart of their senior management circles and fundraising offices.

The 100-strong audience debated a series of typical scenarios put forward by delegates, and then closed the three-and-a-half hour Masterclass with a lively Q&A session.

Thursday’s main conference day saw more than 200 gathered for the unveiling of new donorflex, which was wrapped around workshops on the topics of Preferences and Compliance (John Mitchison, DMA), Gift Aid (HMRC), data protection (Gary Shipsey, Protecture), data-cleansing (Neel Pattni, DBS Data), social media (Aaron Bridgeforth and Lucy Kayne, St Nicholas Hospice), and the donorflex Journey (Clive James, Great North Air Ambulance).

"I knew, as we approached the conference, that we had a great tale to tell and that our achievement in bringing together the Masterclass panel would guarantee a worthwhile experience for everyone concerned," said donorflex’s delighted managing director, Brian Todd.

"The positivity of the response from our delegates has exceeded my wildest dreams.

"We succeeded in securing and consolidating the vital sense of purpose and collaboration that’s essential to dealing collectively with the the wave of change in technologies, regulation and the economy faced by our charity clients."


These tweets are typical of the messages and comments we’ve been delighted to receive since the conference closed on a sunny afternoon in Coventry.

It was lovely to meet so many of the team at the conference and thank you for all your hard work in looking after us. It was a great event... albeit very thought-provoking! – Jacqui Marsh, Lottery Operations Manager, Your Hospice Lottery

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