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Meet Bob... he's the reason that we do what we do

By Mark Higgitt | March 20, 2017

donorflex has assembled a pleasing collection of accolades over the years – pleasing for us, but more-than reassuring for those who rely on our CRM system and the team that sits behind it.

We trust that being voted Britain’s best CRM database supplier in 2013 and 2015 – and making the final shortlist in 2014 – speaks volumes about our mission to ensure that clients and their causes make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.

When those short-lived Institute of Fundraising Partners in Fundraising awards were matched by being named as the only database supplier in the IOF’s Most committed company to the sector category at 2016’s National Awards – well, we were quietly chuffed about that, too.

Great functionality. Great support. Great clients. Here’s why all those things are key to what we do….

donorflex... one cause, one database. Right, Bob?

When it comes to providing great supporter care, the smart UK charity follows the principle of one cause, one database. Here’s Bob’s story to explain why that means donorflex....

Every day’s a donorflex day

For hundreds of fundraisers across the British Isles, one cause means one database. We asked some of them to explain why providing great supporter care means that every day’s a donorflex day.


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