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Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital... let the facts tell the story

September 8, 2018 - by Hannah Todd

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Last modified on September 8, 2018

Great connections pay even greater dividends

It never escapes the donorflex team’s attention that the integrated CRM software system that’s used across the UK plays a pivotal part in the results that our charity clients deliver to their causes.

Occasionally, that short step between our day-to-day support – and know-how – and a remarkable outcome is as breath-taking as is it pleasing.

When we visited Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital’s Head of Fundraising, Mary Liley, to record a video case study, we anticipated her reassuring account of how the team uses donorflex to increase income, manage its supporter care and fund research.

But we didn’t expect something as dramatic as the story of Owen, who had undergone life-saving heart surgery – using a robot.

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