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Last chance to get ready for new donorflex

By Mark Higgitt | June 6, 2017

The build-up to the release of new donorflex has focussed mainly – so far – on those client organisations that started their preparations by attending one of our nine Regional Training Days, in March.

They were able to immerse themselves in the six-step plan to implementation that’s been referred to on a number of occasions since the RTDs season – more of which further on in this article.

A number of clients, among the minority that weren’t able or ready to join them, asked us to repeat the opportunity to start their build-up and share the rising anticipation of the great new features and functionality coming your way.

So we’re planning a final RTD at the Midlands Arts Centre’s Hexagon Theatre, in Birmingham, on Thursday, October 5.

Initial booking opportunities were restricted to that group of clients, but we've now decided it's time to open the event to all other donorflex users. 

The venue has been chosen to preserve the informal, intimate mood of our traditional regional user group roadshows – as well as being located centrally for delegates travelling from across the UK.

The cost will be the same as for our March events, which is £50 plus VAT per delegate. It will be a re-run of the March events…


  • 9.00-9.15: Welcome
  • 9.15-10.45: Session 1
    • Overall look and feel (Security and passwords / Ribbon bar / Dashboards)
    • Records (Consolidation of Record Management and Record Profile / Searching / Filtering / Duplicate-checking / Create new record with duplication checks / Rapid Record Entry – create records in bulk / Profiling vs Record Types / Management of Inactive / Deceased using system-owned data items vs Record Types / Suspended flag)
  • 10.45-11.00: Refreshments
  • 11.00-12.30: Session 2
    • Communication Preferences
    • Contact Flag
    • Relationships
    • Gift Aid
    • Change Log
    • Collecting Box – new features
    • Merchandise – new features
    • Transaction recording (Thank-you amount)
  • 12.30-1.15: Lunch
  • 1.15-2.45: Session 3
    • Organised events
  • 2.45-3.00: Refreshments
  • 3.00-4.30: Session 4
    • PowerSearch
    • Enquiries
    • Reports
    • Preparation for the 10.2 upgrade



Here’s how the six-step plan, which was launched at March’s RTDs, will be outlined to RTD attendees in October:

  • Step 1
    • Regional Training Days: These are the start of your preparations for new donorflex. They give a detailed insight into its new features, and a demonstration of the Data Appraisal Review utility that we’re providing to attending organisations, which will give an insight into the condition and consistency of your data in preparation for your upgrade.
  • Step 2
    • Data Appraisal Review utility: We want it to be business-as-usual for you when the upgrade is completed, so you’ll use this special review utility to evaluate the readiness of your database for being upgraded.
  • Step 3
    • You brief your team: The RTD insights will equip you to brief your team about the new product and begin planning the way forward. Then prepare your users and your data for the upgrade in a systematic way. Once you have your plan ready, you can move to Step 4.
  • Step 4
    • Client upgrade survey: We’ll ask you some important questions about how and when your preparations for the new product will happen, and who will be the key colleagues along the way.
  • Step 5
    • donorflex installation CD: With your Data Appraisal Review complete, in liaison with your technical team, we’ll send the installation CD for new donorflex and schedule your upgrade so that donorflex support can be on stand-by to help with any needs.
  • Step 6
    • Do great things with new donorflex! Over to you. Make the most of the great new features that will help to drive your fundraising success to impressive new heights.



As ever, do this via the Bookings button, up there on the top right of the menu.

This area is open only to the donorflex Liaison Manager (DLM) at each of our client organisations. He or she is the colleague whose login credentials access areas of the website that are off-limits to other users.

Bear in mind that, if your DLM has already logged in to the website’s client-only My donorflex area, he or she will need to re-enter their login credentials when the booking system requests them.


Organisations that don’t attend an RTD will need to engage with a donorflex client development consultant – which will be less cost-effective than an RTD booking – to plan their way forward.


Clients running donorflex on a non-SQL server platform will not be able to enjoy the great features of the new product until they upgrade to SQL – although we’ll be delighted to see them at the RTD in October. Likewise, however, please engage with us about the way forward to being SQL-equipped.