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Quantor scanning, in partnership with donorflex

September 22, 2015 - by Mark Higgitt

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Last modified on August 3, 2016

Don't end up in a muddle!

The donorflex team is keen to pass on a cautionary word – and a helpful insight – from Clive Dunkey, at Quantor Scanning, one of our long-time partners.

It follows an anxious call from a charity that found themselves "in a bit of a muddle" by doing their own scanning.

They’d somehow managed to scan a significant number of documents and save them as MS Word files.

The images hadn’t been indexed either, so they hadn’t been validated for Gift Aid.
Quantor were quickly able to put everything back on an even keel.

"The customer sent us all the images, which we converted to a standard format," says Clive. "We then classified the images against the Gift Aid rules and – perhaps most importantly – we redacted them to remove all bank account and credit card information, to protect the personal data from any possibility of loss."

The final stage was to create PDFs and export the files into a folder structure similar to the original, so that the files on their server could be overwritten.

"I thought that redaction service might be of interest in these days of ever-tightening Data Protection rules," Clive adds. "We’d be happy to provide an estimate of the cost to any other customers who are interested in the service."

You can contact Clive on 01543 377266.

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