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Great products that will make you thrive

donorflex takes great care of the heavy lifting

Great teams use great tools. That's why donorflex provides all the functionality you need to drive your cause. Choose the product that best fits the needs of your organisation and the people who make it tick!

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Great products that will make you thrive

Supportive and approachable...

We’ve been doing this for 35 years, trusted by UK charities and not-for-profit organisations to supply them with their CRM software – and with an increasingly rare twist.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and supportive, because we know that, when you need help, you need it. So an arm around the shoulder is what comes instinctively.

With donorflex in place, your organisation can handle your supporter data, donations, communications, pledges, Gift Aid, regular giving, legacies, lottery, raffle, trusts, grants, event organisation, reporting, and campaigns and much more.

... it’s why people love using donorflex

So, 35 years experience in the UK charity sector, and a what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach to life, with no hidden extras.

Add to that the joy of seeing your data in an easy-to-use format, in a crisp, clean environment that will make your working day a pleasure, never a chore.

When all of that functionality is provided by a team that’s committed to doing the best for you, what’s not to like?

It’s the unified database in a world where unified data is what you need most.

Take a look at what donorflex delivers. Then give us a call.


What you see is what you get, with donorflex. No hidden extras. Just software that packs a big punch. Whatever your focus, all the day-to-day core functionality you need comes as standard, giving you access to your data in a refreshingly easy-to-use format.

donorflex Lottery

donorflex Lottery offers you incredible control and customisation and, because it bolts on to your existing donorflex database, you can also use all of the familiar tools to target your supporter population. It just makes sense.

donorflex Raffle

The donorflex Raffle page is the place to find out how you can set and then smash your objectives. You’ll love how it integrates with donorflex Lottery as you extend your supporters’ engagement with your cause. The sky’s the limit.


Data comes at you from many sources, and in just as many formats. Control and accuracy are the key words – after all, who wants their precious data warped by careless keyboard work! Datastream brings it safely into donorflex, saving you time energy and frustration.

JustGiving API

JustGiving is one of the most popular means for supporters to engage with charities, either through participation in events seeking sponsorship to raise money, or to raise funds for specific pledges that they’ve made, or for one-off donations. Because it’s so important to you, we have a JustGiving module.

donorflex technical specifications

In the hurly-burly of your early CRM research, it would be easy to overlook the technical aspect of an implementation. That’s something we don’t encourage.

donorflex will run on a server in a secure, physical location. That could be hosted by you at your office site, as an organisation, or via an external IT company’s hosting service – in which case, your users will access the system remotely. If you want to know more, this is where you’ll find it.

So, please share our Tech Spec insights with your IT support team. They’re essential to a smooth and successful start to life as a donorflex user.

Let's have a chat!

Whether you’re new to donorflex or one of our existing valued clients, to learn more about what the donorflex can add to your organisation don’t hesitate to call Alison Whitehouse on 0121 458 7887, or use our contact form for a chat.

One other thing. If you’re using the form, it would help enormously to have your full name, as well as the name of your organisation, and a contact phone number. Thanks!

Trusted by companies and organisations

We work with the key drivers of the UK charity sector.

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