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Control the web and flow

Take structured data in one format from sources like the web and transform it for importing directly into donorflex, saving the costly time of continuously repeating the task in Excel.

Speed and efficiency, time and time again

Moving data from sources like the web into your CRM fundraising database – and doing so quickly, efficiently and repeatedly – is a need charities often ask us about. We understand the attraction of making the task as easy as possible. That’s where Datastream comes in.

Revolutionise how you manage data

  • Donor recruitment
  • Lottery recruitment
  • Event registration
  • Online fundraising platforms
  • Direct Debit payment processing
  • EPoS and online sales


Keep yourself in control of your data

donorflex product icon blue-1-transparentData comes at you from many different sources, and in just as many formats. The work involved in moving and re-structuring this data, so that it can be brought into donorflex, involves you spending a lot of time and energy. Third-party suppliers often aren’t able – or willing – to develop specific routines to present their data in a suitable format.

That’s why we developed Datastream.

It’s our powerful data-mapping utility that allows you to take structured data in one format and transform it into a donorflex-importable file. You then have the means to import it directly into donorflex, or to create a csv file that contains all of the data.

You can also build a mapping and then pass it on to another member of the team so that they can take the third-party data, run it through the mapping, and produce a file that’s in the right format for a donorflex import. No more manipulating files in Excel.

Tasks that once took hours out of every working week can now be done in minutes.

Here’s the great news....

We’ve made Datastream as in-reach as possible. So, this is a reminder of the deal:

  • Datastream itself is free and included on your donorflex installation disc, as well as via the client-only download area of this website. Your donorflex Liaison Manager will need to log in for you
  • Future changes will be provided on the same basis
  • We can produce bespoke mappings, for which there’s a standard donorflex charge
  • In order to use Datastream’s full-blown features, we require clients to book paid-for training so that we can support you in your use of the facility
  • The training is fully hands-on so that you can learn Datastream inside and out
  • You must ensure that your Datastream training delegate is skilled in the use of MS Excel

It’s worth underscoring that last bullet point about your Datastream trainee’s Excel skills. Training will proceed at a speed that assumes they’re equal to the task!

Want to know more?

The first thing we’d recommend is to either click on the menu’s Contact page and send us an email using the Datastream option, or call a member of the donorflex support team on 0121 458 7887.

Then start the conversation about making donorflex Datastream an invaluable part of your day.

We’re fresh back from today’s Datastream training session and we’re raring to get started as the majority of our inputting is now via import – Fiona Carter, Data Administration & Audit Officer, Douglas Macmillan Hospice, Stoke