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The best teams? They simply use great tools

The instinct to be in touch with our users' needs has been part of donorflex DNA since the system was born. That's why donorflex provides the functionality to drive your cause forward. If you think we're the team for you...

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Empowering software
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Great CRM and fundraising software for UK charities

We know how annoying hidden extras can be, which is why you won’t find any with donorflex – what you see is what you get, and what you get is software that packs a big punch. All of the core functionality you need comes as standard, giving you access to your data in a refreshingly easy-to-use format.

First things first...

We’re used to a couple of key questions arising early in the conversation when charities start exploring what life would be like as a donorflex user.

One is the cost of acquisition and ownership. That’s something we’ll be happy to chat about, according to your charity’s individual needs.

The other is how donorflex operates.

donorflex is a client-server Windows-based system that can be implemented in two ways. Both involve data being held on servers at a secure physical location:

  • Most clients choose to operate donorflex on their local area network (LAN), running Windows / SQL servers on-site and with Windows client workstations
  • Some clients like the benefits offered by ‘hosting’ – where an external IT company runs a hosting service from a secure data centre location over the internet

Hosting means your users having remote access to client Windows workstations attached to a Windows server, all of which are hosted somewhere on the internet – often referred to as ‘the Cloud’.

Your team works from multiple physical locations, which minimises the need for operating and maintaining your own client workstations and servers on your own site.

And we haven’t forgotten colleagues who need to use donorflex on the move.

donorflex Go is a browser-based remote-access tool that can be accessed from mobiles and tablets. It frees field fundraisers to connect directly to the donorflex database, to amend supporter records and record communications and prompts.

Fundraising – whatever your focus

We understand the unique pressures of fundraising in the UK charity sector right now, and we’re here to help you rise to the challenge by making the most of our user-friendly CRM software.

Your community

You provide a ready supply of support and inspiration to your supporting world; they provide a following and donations. With donorflex, you can track and develop your relationships, making sure that your community continues to reap dividends for years to come.


A trust fundraiser is methodical and requires answers to many important questions – what funds are available, when, how often, for what purpose – to be collected, collated, profiled, and exploited to turn your initial approach into a red-letter day.


Companies play a big part in your success. With donorflex, you have the tools you need to maintain these important links.


Your events are integral to your operation. donorflex enables you to track resource requirements, sponsor links, income, costs, and supporter specifications – year after year.

Finance – take care of the pennies

Attention to detail is key. So, our software integrates perfectly with products like Sage, producing financial reports that are accurate and reliable.


donorflex’s extensive facilities for inputting, amending, and tracking donations give you much-needed peace of mind.

But receiving the money isn’t the final step. donorflex helps you deal with Gift Aid, lets you say thank-you, and gives you the means to create audit reports.

Strategic planning

Great data that’s well-managed and underpinned by great data policy and a fit-for-purpose coding structure delivers exactly what you need for great strategic planning.

Planned giving

Regular giving agreements provide you with vital income over a long period. That’s why we designed our software to track every aspect – from initial set-up through to renewal monitoring.

Direct Debit, Standing Order, and payroll giving payments can all be imported, and our enquiries and reports allow you to find and produce key management information.

Restricted giving

Having supporters with a specific wish for how their donation should be used means you have to identify and manage these prescribed funds very clearly.

Looking after your local heroes

Your volunteers, your members, your groups, your regular givers: They give you their time, their money, and their energy.

Knowing what makes them tick is vital to building a relationship with them. donorflex gives you the tools, starting with ABC:


Keep track of supporters’ skills, interests, and qualifications, then home-in on those supporters who are best placed to help you.


Define what date-driven information you want to record, and then apply it to your supporters.


You can keep track of how your supporters relate to one another, and build a better picture of the true scope of your population.

Managing communications and tasks

Whoever you come into contact with every day – supporters, prospective donors, volunteers, service-providers, trusts – you can manage communications with depth and accuracy, whether that’s storing outgoing and incoming documents, or setting reminders for future actions across your organisation. donorflex is a great productivity aid.

By the way, donorflex is compatible with your choice of standard Office applications software. It links slickly with Word, Excel and Outlook, allowing your entire organisation to feel the power and potential of the database. But that’s not all!

Manage your winning team

Even the best data – cleansed, accurate, up-to-date, with strong data policy – needs a team of dedicated people to make it worth its while.

Your supporters, staff, and volunteers are the people who turn good ideas into great results.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that they have all of the resources, training, and support they need.

With donorflex you not only get fantastic database software, you also gain access to a team of professionals whose job it is to make sure every member of your organisation is up to their important task.

Gift Aid – from start to finish

Gift Aid makes the money that your supporters give to you work even harder. Maximising tax-efficient giving is a top priority.

donorflex is the complete Gift Aid package. It helps you to reduce the chances of missed claims and gives you the tools to track, analyse, and carry out your Gift Aid activity.

As you’d expect, we’re committed to ensuring that our product is up-to-date.

That’s why we always have our finger on the pulse by maintaining constant contact with HMRC’s experts – with the switch to the era of online claims in 2013 a perfect example of how we keep track of new guidelines and the legislative changes that confront charities from time to time.

And it’s why HMRC keep in touch with us, to stay abreast of the issues and concerns that affect the charity software world.


Who buys what, when, and how much do they buy? Maintain your lines of products, handle multiple stock locations, and track VAT with donorflex’s merchandise module.

Third-party events

Keep track of the sports days, jumble sales, coffee mornings and the like that are organised on your behalf by your supporters. donorflex helps you to formulate a diary of fundraising programmes and monitor the income received, as well as allowing you to allocate your representatives and equipment to these events.

Gifts in Kind

When your supporters donate non-monetary gifts – from toiletries to minibuses – you can record them in donorflex, classifying and valuing them according to your organisation’s conventions. Our tools allow you to register these gifts as balance sheet items and, where necessary, assign a depreciation term.

Collecting boxes

However you organise your collecting boxes, donorflex provides you with a host of tools to manage issuing and returning. You can record donations, generate acknowledgement letters, and exploit those collecting box types that qualify for Gift Aid.


With donorflex you can recruit, manage and mail supporters through a variety of membership schemes, whatever the type or renewal period.


When supporters make pledges for donations, you need to feel confident that you have a full account of this interaction. With donorflex you can record the successful outcome of grant applications ahead of receiving the funds, track CAF vouchers, and record foreign currency donations ahead of the conversion.

Information requests

The word’s out! Use donorflex to record and monitor requests for information, and use that data for follow-up action.

Legacies – gone but not forgotten

The donorflex Legacy module was developed in conjunction with our client partners to provide a precise tool for managing this often-complex, sensitive world.

Our module allows you to record, manage, and analyse all the information you receive, and communicate with the relevant persons. From the day you receive the valuable news, to the moment the bequest is completed, donorflex is there to help you.

Light Up a Life

donorflex allows supporters to pay tribute to individuals, groups, and organisations who’ve earned the right of recognition for a donation. Light Up a Life takes it a step further at key moments of the year. Supporters can make a donation in memory of a loved one and see something tangible as a result: an entry in a book of remembrance, or a tree of lights.

In memoriam

When a donation is made in memory of, or in tribute to, someone, it’s important that you’re able to record and respect these details – we give you the right tools.

Never forget

A tribute. A ‘lit’ life. A legacy. When a supporter chooses to remember a loved one by supporting your organisation, you become an important part of each other’s lives. With donorflex’s extensive enquiry and reporting facilities – whether module-specific, or via our Power Search or Tracker functions – you can ensure that you never lose sight of these relationships.


Why people love using donorflex

  • 30 years of experience
  • What you see is what you get
  • Your data in an easy-to-use format
  • UK’s best charity CRM database partner
  • We’re committed to doing the best for you

donorflex puts you in control

The strategic information that your organisation’s senior management team needs must be easy to access, high-quality, and reliable. This comes from good financial procedures, communication and administration, backed up by a database that responds in the way you need, when you need it.

We want donorflex to work for you. That’s why we’ve designed it to be customisable – from simple elements like its colour scheme, to high-level features like user/role security and permissions.


We know how important your data is. With donorflex’s security and permissions framework you can feel confident that your users – from volunteers to management – only have access to the information you think they should. Permissions are customisable per user, and per role. This means peace of mind for you and your supporters, who can feel confident that you’re protecting their personal information and using it responsibly.

Data policy – the heart of donorflex

When you begin your donorflex journey, our experienced consultants will guide you through creating – and maintaining – a clear data policy, with your own coding system. Data policy is the heart of donorflex, ensuring that you build a comprehensive and consistent profile of every individual and organisation with whom you have contact.

Enquiries and Reporting

The importance of good data can’t be underestimated. It means that you can work to make the most out of your supporter population, keep track of all-important funds, and focus on how you can take advantage of every opportunity to grow, benefiting your cause now and in the future.

donorflex gives you the tools to dig into your data to find populations based on your very specific requirements. Each module (from donations, to regular giving, to optional modules such as lottery) has its own set of enquiries to help you find what you’re looking for, and Power Search is there to let you search within your entire database. Enquiries can be combined through the use of transit files, which means that – no matter how complex your search criteria – donorflex can help you find just the right records.

Reporting is an invaluable tool, and donorflex helps you here, too. Within our Tracker you’ll find a portfolio of amazing management reports, designed to make your life easier. They’re the product of years of experience, along with insights from our hard-working clients. You talk, we listen.

In addition to the standard reports, donorflex offers bespoke reports to reach to the heart of what your individual organisation needs.

Want to know more?

For more information on any of the insights you’ve just read, don’t hesitate to pick up the conversation, in the manner of your choosing, via the contact panel below. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Let's have a chat!

Whether you’re new to donorflex or one of our existing valued clients, to learn more about what donorflex can add to your organisation don’t hesitate to call Alison Whitehouse or Mark Higgitt on 0121 458 7887, or use our contact form for a chat.

One other thing. If you’re using the form, it would help enormously to have your full name, as well as the name of your organisation, and a contact phone number. Thanks!

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