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donorflex go

The quick, easy way to use donorflex on the move

Think donorflex on the move and you won’t need much imagination to realise what it’ll mean for you, your colleagues out in the community, and your organisation. Trust us. Honestly, you’ll love it!

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donorflex go
Real time, wherever you are
Smart and smooth
Supporter details in focus
Core donorflex functionality

Unleash the potential of your day, extend your donorflex reach

Does your role in the team mean you’re on the road and frustrated that you can’t update donorflex records until you’re back in the office? If so, donorflex Go is the way to go!
It enables you to work on the move and stay in sync with the team back at base – in real time. It’s designed to work on smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops and desktop computers.
Taking your donorflex skills on the road. What’s not to love!

Make it an indispensable part of your day

We’ve created Go to be a natural extension to your donorflex day, so that you can slip quickly and smoothly into gear, whoever you’re seeing. It’s designed to be:

  • Intuitive – easy to master, because you’re already used to the breadcrumb trails and hamburgers on your smart device
  • Familiar – Go’s styles and behaviours are already familiar to you, thanks to your existing donorflex skills
  • Secure – to edit any information, you must unlock the section first, ensuring that data’s protected from accidental taps

What can you do with donorflex Go?

With the appropriate permissions in place, you can:

  • Look up details of existing records and amend them
  • Add new records while you’re out and about
  • Update record details, including Consent and Preferences
  • Add new prompts and communications
  • Review the all-important supporter history of a contact before you visit or call
  • Plus much more

All of those add up to having what you need, at your fingertips, so that your time in the community – and back at the office – runs as safely and smoothly as possible.

That includes those tasks when your data security obligations to supporters are front and centre.

In short, Go lets you take your supporters with you, wherever you go.

Ready, steady, Go! It’s easy to implement

We reckon you’ll need about an hour to be up and running. In a nutshell:

  • Your IT team: They’ll play an important part in you hitting the road with Go. They will need to:
    • Ensure Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows® Server is installed
    • Configure the server settings to keep your internal data safe and secure from the outside world
    • Run a Go installer to make it work on your Local Area Network
    • Configure Go to sync with your donorflex database
  • Users: You’ll allocate your Go licences to named team members (lucky people!)
  • Activation: You’ll provide your Go users with the link they need to access Go on their mobile devices
  • Authentication: Your Go users will set up the authenticator app of your choice to provide them with their essential one-use, login security codes

So, there it is!

Go takes your existing donorflex skills and gives you a real-time connection with your team back at base. In touch, up to date, informed, ready for action.

donorflex go

Make it part of your donorflex day

  • It’s straightforward
  • Slick navigation means smooth operation
  • Initial screen presented as soon as you connect
  • It’s in step with your donorflex day
  • In sync with head office, in real time

Want to know more?

If this brief introduction to donorflex Go has inspired you to know more, then we’ll be delighted to hear from you, so you can start planning towards a bigger, brighter future.
Simply contact us via the panel below and we’ll be happy to discuss facts and figures.

Let's chat about donorflex Go!

Whether you’re new to donorflex or one of our existing valued clients, to learn more about what the donorflex Go can add to your organisations supporter care, don’t hesitate to call Alison Whitehouse or Mark Higgitt on 0121 458 7887, or use our contact form for a chat.

One other thing. If you're using the form, it would help enormously to have your full name, as well as the name of your organisation, and a contact phone number. Thanks!

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