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donorflex Raffle

It's just the ticket if you're heading for new heights!

Here's donorflex Raffle, a great addition to donorflex's impressive box of integrated fundraising tools that have the power to unleash your team's potential and take your fundraising to previously unexplored places.

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donorflex Raffle
Rapid processing
Inflate main Lottery draw
Reduce cost and waste
Virtual tickets

Here’s the deal with donorflex Raffle

The fact that you’re reading this is a strong clue that you’re after a slick, feature-rich system to fully manage a stand-alone raffle. We also wouldn’t be surprised if you tell us that you want to inflate your main Lottery draw with single tickets.

Whatever your objectives, let’s explain why donorflex Raffle – and the team behind it – can help you to set and then smash them. Below, you’ll find out how. The sky’s the limit.

The sky’s the limit

Let donorflex Raffle do the hard work so you don’t have to.

It’s designed to process large numbers of returns quickly and efficiently by making use of barcodes and batching. Setting initial default values for a batch allows raffle tickets to be returned in the blip of a barcode. In turn, this reduces data entry and eliminates the possibility of human error, ultimately saving you both time and money.

donorflex Raffle will allow you to manage tickets sent to large external mailing lists without cluttering your database with unwanted records.

When a mailing recipient does respond, they’ll automatically be promoted to become a fully-fledged donorflex record there and then – so that you can continue processing ticket sales without the need to keep pausing to create new records. What about that!

The great news continues with the insight that, as well as raffle payments, donorflex Raffle allows you to process donations and Gift Aid declarations returned alongside a supporter’s ticket returns.

Seamless integration with Lottery

donorflex Raffle gives you the flexibility to run a stand-alone raffle or, alternatively, inflate a future lottery draw.

The raffle is conducted using the standard Lottery Draw process. That means you’ll be given a breakdown of all the tickets sold, along with the normal lottery details, if it’s an inflated draw.

And, for those with the luck of the draw on their side, winners’ letters and cheques are produced using the standard Lottery / Raffle Winners list.

The raffle module is so flexible that we could run standalone raffles at any time without incurring significant cost – Dominic Woods, Data & Insights Manager, Keech Hospice Care

Grow with a wide range of enquiries

donorflex Raffle helps you meet the challenges of growing your raffle and minimising attrition.

With an extensive suite of enquiries, donorflex Raffle not only allows you to manage your day-to-day activities with ease, it also allows you to analyse previous Raffles, giving you critical insights into what works and why.

So, you can plan your next raffle by identifying trends, measuring response rates and – in turn – targeting in a way that’s appropriate to the individual supporter.

Is it already sounding like the module to boost your fundraising? Let’s tell you some more....

donorflex Raffle can also help you to manage your mailing list requirements. You can specify the terms for your mailing, link the relevant files, and print a detailed report to send to your mailing house. This will outline the requirements with regards to:

  • Your cold mailing needs
  • Prioritising your warm contingent
  • De-duplication and, most importantly
  • Those individuals that MUST NOT be mailed

That’s such a benefit to donorflex Raffle users.

Reduce costs and minimise waste!

The system supports virtual tickets, so that entries can go in to the draw without the need for physical tickets – for example, a draw promoted via email of internet. In addition, any tickets that are returned unsold can be re-issued.

As you’d expect from a donorflex module, the functionality doesn’t stop there.

When the whole draw is complete, and the winners have been told of their good fortune, their records show there’s activity against the Raffle module. And, when you drill down, you’ll see details of ticket purchases, their winnings and, of course, any donations.

donorflex Raffle

You can count on being drawn to it

  • Simple to set up
  • Delivers speed and efficiency
  • Handles extra donations
  • Cold and warm mailings
  • Minimises attrition
  • Batches and barcodes mean efficiency
  • Inflate your donorflex Lottery draw
  • Lets you play to your strengths

Being able to run raffles through donorflex is a great way to bring new supporters on board as well as communicating with existing ones – Marie Von Wurzbach, Lottery Manager, Compton Care

Want to know more?

If this brief introduction to donorflex Raffle has whetted your appetite for more, then we’d be delighted to hear from you, so that you can start planning towards a bigger, brighter fundraising future!

Simply contact us via the panel below and we’ll be happy to discuss the facts and the figures.

Let's chat about donorflex Raffle!

Whether you’re new to donorflex or one of our existing valued clients, to learn more about what the donorflex can add to your organisation don’t hesitate to call Alison Whitehouse or Paul Hilliard on 0121 458 7887, or use our contact form for a chat.

One other thing. If you’re using the form, it would help enormously to have your full name, as well as the name of your organisation, and a contact phone number. Thanks!

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