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donorflex technical specification

Better spec means better performance, naturally

It’s important to shine a light on the technical aspect of a donorflex implementation. Share these insights with your IT support team, because they're essential to a smooth and successful start to life as a donorflex user.

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donorflex technical specification

Let’s deal with some basics

Remember, donorflex will run on a server in a secure, physical location. That could be hosted by you at your office site, as an organisation, or via an external IT company’s hosting service – in which case, your users will access the system remotely (the ‘cloud’, as it’s often termed). You can check out the video below for more inspiration on that topic.

As you’ll be using donorflex against the Microsoft SQL database, the following describes the requirement to operate donorflex on a Microsoft SQL Server platform. These should be seen as minimum requirements – better specifications will give better performance.

The protection of your valuable data is of primary importance to you. You need also to have in place a reliable and reproducible backup solution so that, in the event of problems, a valid set of data can be restored.

SQL Server 2016-2019, including Express versions

Workstation / Stand-alone installation

Operating System: Windows 10 and Windows 11

  • Note: For best results, always ensure that the latest service packs are applied

File Server

Operating System: Server 2016 to Server 2019 are supported. Install all relevant and recommended service packs. Note that, in general, as recommended by Microsoft, SQL server should not be installed on a Domain controller, a Small Business Server or a peer-to-peer network because this can impinge on the performance of the server in providing database services as well as serving other functions to the rest of the network

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