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donorflex consultancy

Great support means one thing... great data

A well set-up CRM system and a fit-for-purpose data policy... they're both key to tip-top intelligence, ready at a moment’s notice to deliver reliable answers to your strategic questions. Make sure you're on the mark.

donorflex consultancy

See us as a member of your team

From the moment you make an enquiry about bringing donorflex on board, consultancy plays a big part in our relationship with you.

That means that we offer focused advice and guidance, even before you begin using donorflex, and continue this fantastic support throughout implementation... and, of course, the rest of your life as a donorflex client.

Whatever the time or need, we have enormous experience of working with key members of our clients’ teams to develop the operating procedures and data policy structure they require. That could be you.

If you’re a client that needs the occasional shoulder to lean on, consultancy is a cost-effective way of moving forward with plans that are beyond the remit of a helpdesk call.

Elsewhere in this Services section, you can find out about our Partnership Agreements, which are a popular means of delivering flexible, focused, tailored support over a period of time.

But, if your budget or needs don’t stretch to a Partnership Agreement, then we’re still here to help you.

Data manipulation and data toolkits

Following a review process of your database, it might be desirable to manipulate your data so it can be represented in a new data policy structure. Our skilled technical team can achieve this with a minimal amount of inconvenience to your operational activity.

Data translation

Our experience in data conversion from a full range of data sources into donorflex is extensive. Not only do we accurately migrate your data, we aim to enhance the data to give you better information.

If you want to know more, call us on 0121 458 7887.

Here’s why we like to make you happy....


Trusted by companies and organisations

We work with the key drivers of the UK charity sector.

Data Access Europe
Institute of Fundraising Corporate Supporter
Hospice Income Generation Network
Hospice Lotteries Association
National Lotteries Council