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donorflex partnership agreements

Harness the power of pulling together

Our donorflex Gold, Platinum and Diamond Partnerships, in effect, mean we become part of your team and help meet the challenges you face. Clicking the button below is the first step towards seeing your fortunes prosper....

donorflex partnership agreements

Big on value, but not on price

The key to each Partnership Agreement is its high cost-effectiveness.

Each includes dedicated training and a technical review to help you structure, deploy and monitor donorflex in the best way to meet your organisation’s needs.

We place emphasis on our commitment to a planned approach, from the moment we establish a schedule for the partnership project with you, to the day you measure the success it has brought.

Why engage in a donorflex Partnership Agreement?

If you’ve started asking yourselves these questions, it’s time to give us a call!

  • Are you making the most of the potential that donorflex offers to your organisation and the cause that depends upon it?
  • Would you benefit from having a nominated donorflex account manager with a clear and consistent insight into your operational needs?
  • Do you feel that the development of your donorflex operating procedures and the implementation of donorflex features would benefit from working more closely with a donorflex specialist, to help you to plan your development and to monitor and evaluate your progress?
  • Do you anticipate needing to book training during the next 12 months to enhance your staff’s ability to make better use of donorflex than you do at present?

After you’ve discussed these questions with your key stakeholders, pick up the phone.

What kind of objectives do Partnership Agreement clients set?

Flexibility is the key to a Partnership Agreement. So here are some thoughts to fuel a conversation:

  • Develop a donorflex-based operational strategy to support the needs of a new fundraising campaign or capital appeal
  • Conduct exercises to classify and segment existing donors for cultivation and development purposes
  • Prepare data for specialised external data-cleansing processes
  • Help to prepare data sourced from external bodies (bought-in lists) for batch importation to donorflex
  • Improve the structure of your donorflex information via data toolkits, helping you to redefine your coding structures
  • Provide focused training when you decide to implement more features of donorflex – such as Organised Events Management, Merchandise, Legacy Management, Biographic Profiling or advanced techniques for Data Segmentation and Campaign Monitoring, and
  • Produce tailored management reports to meet your specific needs using Crystal Reports, which can then be made available to your users from the donorflex Tracker Reports extension menu

 As you can see, a Partnership Agreement can cover immense ground.

Who’s involved in the process of delivering a successful project?

The success of a Partnership Agreement depends upon commitment from both sides.

We’ll need you to nominate someone from your team to be the ‘donorflex champion’, the person who’ll be our main point of contact and ensure that the right person or people are involved at the right time for each element of the partnership plan. The donorflex champion doesn’t necessarily need to have donorflex skills or use it on a day-to-day basis.

We’ll do the same by nominating a champion in our team as well. He or she will perform the same role, keeping the Partnership Agreement’s project on track and ensuring that the most appropriate person is involved in delivering what’s required at the right time.

More questions?

These are just a few that we’d anticipate:

  • How does a Partnership Agreement work in practice?
  • How much does it cost, and how do you pay?
  • What can the dedicated time be used for?
  • How do you measure the difference between a Gold, Platinum and Diamond Partnership Agreement?
  • Can the Partnership Agreement be extended?
  • And, finally, can the benefits of a donorflex Partnership Agreement be described in four words?

We’ll answer the last one… Efficiency. Effectiveness. Added value.

I need to reinforce the point that this is a partnership (with donorflex). We’re developing a product that allows us to achieve our goal of engaging supporters and increasing income, and achieves donorflex’s goal of supporting the hospice movement – Nigel Seymour, Director of Fundraising, Princess Alice Hospice, Esher

Want to know more?

Click the button at the top of this page, and then email or call our consultants on 0121 458 7887. They’re waiting to see how you want your fortunes to prosper!

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