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donorflex Reporting

When donorflex speaks, what does it tell you?

A well-constructed data policy and coding structure is vital in donorflex. Why? Well, it has many enquiry and reporting features. So, when you ask it a question, you need to rely upon the answer. You know what to do....

donorflex Reporting

Driving great strategy and decisions

Your data is your organisation’s richest resource. Day in and day out, it has the potential to deliver golden results that will help you to shape your strategies and achieve your objectives.

That’s the reason your data rules must be rigorous and followed with care and consistency.

It’s also why, as standard, donorflex has more than 100 financial reports and an infinite variety of enquiries.

donorflex module enquiries

Every donorflex module has its own enquiry and reporting functionality to give you the means to delve in to your data – whether your search is a mile wide and an inch deep, or a mile deep and an inch wide, or anywhere in between.

When that’s done, you can sift and refine until it produces the gold you’re after....

Power Search

Power Search allows you to run enquiries to find specific populations of records. You can then create transit and / or mailing or analysis files of your results, or use the Keep a Record function to update the selected records with things like campaign links and communications.

donorflex Tracker

The Tracker provides a wide range of special Crystal reports and analyses to add extra support and flexibility to all your operations.

Our clients often establish a preferred method of reporting that’s outside the standard approach. We offer a report-writing service that sees the client achieving a very specific tailored suite of reports to match their needs.

donorflex Insight

Insight gives you the means to probe your data and report on the things your organisation wants to know – in short, another powerful donorflex tool specifically designed to help you make the most of your data’s potential.

Once you’ve created an Insight, it can be scheduled to run and produce the report periodically. And you can also define a list of email addresses for an Insight to be sent to chosen recipients.

It’s not for everyone on your team, though. It requires an understanding of the database structure and knowledge on the use of SQL.

If those are skills your team lacks, don’t worry. We can build bespoke Insights for your organisation, as a chargeable exercise.


donorflex’s Dashboards functionality allows you to create real-time graphs and charts depicting different elements of data.

Each dashboard can be printed as a report, allowing you to produce materials for analysis and management.

Most donorflex modules have their own homepage, and each has its own ’dashboard’ area to create module-specific charts, and user-definable dashboards.

That’s not all. You can create up to four personalised user-definable dashboards to show information relevant to each user’s role.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to explore what that could mean for your use of donorflex’s enquiries and reporting capabilities, please give the consultant team a call on 0121 458 7887, or click the Let’s chat link at the top of this page and send us an email.

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