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Our great services

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Empower your staff to great things

Keeping it sharp and empowering your staff to use it with precision depends upon a supplier that knows the true value of delivering great support. When you implement donorflex, you’re acquiring more than just a database.

We understand the world you work in

  • Its challenges
  • Its pressures
  • Its rewards, and
  • Its successes...
  • ... and we look forward to helping you with the cause you cherish



From the moment you make an enquiry about bringing donorflex on board, we offer focused advice and guidance, and continue this fantastic support throughout implementation and your life as a donorflex client.

Premium support

Whatever the time or need, we have enormous experience of working with key members of our clients’ teams to develop the operating procedures and data policy structure they require. That could be you.

Report writing

As standard, donorflex has more than 100 financial reports and an infinite variety of enquiries.

Its built-in Power Search and Evaluation facilities let you segment data and rapidly analyse the success of events, initiatives and campaigns. But that’s not all....

Software support

Software support is the only recurring cost of donorflex ownership. It is reviewed every November, taking effect the following January.

The ASSA cost covers the provision of Help Desk support during normal working hours, as well as all upgrades and service packs.

We work with....

We believe in forging close relationships with other charity sector professionals that are important to the well-being and prosperity of our clients. This is where you’ll learn what they can do for you.