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Fundraising Regulator anticipates July launch

By Mark Higgitt | June 15, 2016

DUC 2016 logo final-300The new Fundraising Regulator aims to be operational at the beginning of July, according to the man who will play a leading role in DUC 2016.

Gerald Oppenheim, Head of Policy at the Fundraising Regulator, confirmed the news at an Association of Chairs event about fundraising and governance.

It marks a new stage in the countdown to the day when the Regulator will succeed the Fundraising Standards Board as the body that receives complaints, and begins to investigate issues.

It means that Gerald will have more than two months of evidence and experience to draw on when he takes to the DUC 2016 stage to spearhead the Preferences and Compliance Masterclass that will launch the two-day conference on Wednesday, September 21.

It will put donorflex users in a prime position to engage with directly with one of the key figures.

He’ll be joined at the Preferences and Compliance Masterclass by John Mitchison (the Direct Marketing Association’s Head of Preferences, Compliance and Legal), Richard Marbrow (Senior Policy Officer, Information Commissioner’s Office) and Douglas Macmillan Hospice’s Director of Income Generation, Karen McKenzie.

The development of the new Fundraising Preference Service is less advanced than the Fundraising Regulator, although charities had the chance to quiz John at the recent Third Sector Fundraising Week.

Reports emerging from that event suggest that it’s likely to be almost another 12 months before the service is operational, making April 2017 a key date.

So the DUC 2016 Masterclass also give delegates a golden opportunity to glean the very latest from John on the FPS too.

If you haven’t yet booked, we think that makes a compelling reason to click this link and follow the instructions you’ll find for securing your place in the audience.

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