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We love what we do, and always have!

From little Acorns... a brief history of donorflex

Since Day One, we've been inspired by the folk donorflex was created to help, and by the causes that depend upon them. It's part of our DNA. So is the fact that we're not shy about saying we've learned lessons along the way.

We love what we do, and always have!

The lessons that 30-plus years have taught us

donorflex was conceived to manage the all-important task of acknowledging donations in the crucial, very early days of the West Midlands Children’s Hospice Trust, back in 1988. Call it Customer Relationship management, or CRM, if you wish. To us, it’s always been good old-fashioned supporter care.

Life in a fundraising office has certainly become more complex, so we’ve always provided the technology to make efficiency the driving force. It’s what people need most, day in, day out, when they’re leading busy lives.

And no, we’re not embarrassed to say that we’ve learned more than a few lessons from our customers during the past three decades. Let’s start with these, and then chat about what it is you need us to deliver to your mission:

1. Users are the reason we’re here

Without our users, we wouldn’t have notched up more than 30 years as an independent CRM supplier. It’s that simple.

donorflex is the ever-evolving consequence of what users have told us they needed over those three decades. The feedback comes from face-to-face chats, regional user roadshows, support calls, and casual conversations at external events. We weigh up the common need, and take it from there.

2. Customer support is vital 

It’s crucial to the part we play in the operations of our clients. In fact, it’s at the very forefront of what we do, and how we do it. We know exactly what people want, in that respect. That’s understanding, time and attention.

It’s not uncommon for us to take 7,000-plus support calls during the course of a year. The last time we did the maths, it took us an average of just 16 minutes to put our clients back on track.

No quotas or support limitations either, you’ll be pleased to hear. Just a desire to resolve the issue at hand.

3. Thoughtful development from the word go

Here’s what we reckon a great product is and does:

  • Makes your day better
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy on the eye

In short, it’s the colleague that never takes a day off – and knows the right answers to the right questions.

4. Great data rules, okay!

Data’s your most valuable resource, right?

It goes without saying, then, that what you put in to your CRM database is inextricably connected to what you draw out.

That’s why, for our clients, everything starts with great data policy and coding. And why donorflex’s search, enquiry and reporting processes – and its real-time dashboards – will make your day.

It’s like that because we know what you need. And we know because we listen when you tell us.

5. Culture and shared values

When you pick up the phone to call us, you’ll be talking to someone who’s been with the donorflex team for an average of 16 years. Yes, 16 years! How many other suppliers can say that?

We know that sharing your values, and being interested and inquisitive, helps us to make a difference to what you’re doing. In other words, no staff-churn here to throw a spanner in the works and break that well-established rapport.

6. A presence in the UK charity sector

Like any organisation, there’s the odd day when we’re a little below par. Most of the time, though, we punch above our weight.

We’ve worked hard, as a family run independent supplier, to involve ourselves with the people and organisations who matter in the UK charity sector – the Institute of Fundraising, the Fundraising Regulator, the ICO, the Hospice Income Generation Network (formerly the National Association of Hospice Fundraisers), Hospice UK, the Hospice Lotteries Association, and the National Lotteries Council, to name a few.

Engaging with them keeps us on-point, and up-to-date – and able to engage with our users in an informed and informative way.

7. It’s a big village

The world we call home, the UK charity sector, is essentially a big village. People move, but you still don’t have to step too far this way or that to find someone you know, or someone who knows someone you know.

We attend the conferences that we can almost guarantee bring us closer to our subject and our users.

We prefer word-of-mouth and recommendation to spread the word, rather than waving a big marketing budget around.

Oh, and no cold-calling. After all, you can hard-sell a mobile phone, but not a CRM database.

8. Luck or destiny?

We were lucky to be a part of those early days at the West Midlands Children’s Hospice Trust – or Acorns Children’s Hospice, as it became more famously known – when the need to say ’thank you’ to its first generation of Second City supporters was so important.

It was the moment when the UK hospice sector began to blossom. The rest, as they say, is history. And careful planning. And diligent development. And being great at listening.

That’s taken hard work. We’ve had our fair share of what you might call failures, as most organsiations have. You know, the next great thing that didn’t take off. That’s how we’ve learned and been able to equip our cherished clients with the functionality that matters and makes a difference.

Trusted by companies and organisations

We work with the key drivers of the UK charity sector.

Data Access Europe
Institute of Fundraising Corporate Supporter
Hospice Income Generation Network
Hospice Lotteries Association
National Lotteries Council