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Your DUC 2016 session-by-session guide

By Mark Higgitt | June 15, 2016

DUC 2016 logo final-300Let’s give you some food for thought about the sessions that are being planned to make DUC 2016 an unmissable event.

Wednesday, September 21

Preferences and Compliance Masterclass

If the charity sector has lived through a more unsettling period – aside from the challenging times triggered by the so-called credit crunch – we can’t remember it.

That’s why the subject of fundraising regulation, preferences and compliance was a compelling choice of subject for the Masterclass that will kick off DUC 2016.

John Mitchison – the Direct Marketing Association’s Head of Preference Services, Compliance and Legal – will share the Masterclass platform with the Fundraising Regulator’s Head of Policy, Gerald Oppenheim, Richard Marbrow (Senior Policy Officer, Information Commissioner’s Office) and Karen McKenzie, Douglas Macmillan Hospice’s Director of Income Generation.

They’ll deliver key facts, insights and thoughts to those colleagues in your organisation who are legally responsible for ensuring that their organisations meet their statutary obligations on the subject of fundraising regulation, preferences and compliance. There couldn’t be a better line-up to do it.

Profile: Gerald Oppenheim

  • Gerald is Head of Policy at the Fundraising Regulator
  • He was Director of Policy and Partnerships at the Big Lottery Fund until October 2010 when he became a freelance working with charities, Trusts and Foundations on a wide range of policy projects
  • He’s a Trustee and Chair of the Camden Society, which is a charity for people with learning disabilities, as well  a trustee at Citizens Advice Camden and an independent board member of the Asda Foundation
  • He chaired the former London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund from 2005-2008 and was a member of the BBC Charitable Appeals Committee from 2004-2009

Profile: John Mitchison

  • John is the Head of Preference Services, Legal and Compliance at the DMA
  • Prior to joining the DMA, he was a Client Services Manager for ACXIOM
  • John has built an in-depth knowledge of TPS and telephony processes and procedures
  • Before working at Acxiom, John worked at the Daily Telegraph, where he was responsible for data generation and the production of their direct marketing

Profile: DMA (UK) Ltd

  • The DMA is a membership organisation for the 1:1 marketing industry
  • Its network of more than 1,000 UK companies is privy to research, free legal advice, political lobbying and industry guidance
  • Members connect at regular events that inspire creativity, innovation, responsible marketing and more. Most of them are free
  • A DMA membership is a badge of accreditation. The organisation gives the industry best-practice guidelines, legal updates and a code that puts the customer at the heart
  • It represents a data-driven industry that’s leading the business sector in creativity and innovation
  • One-to-one-to-millions marketing attracts the brightest minds, individuals who will shape the future
  • Find out more about DMA (UK)

Profile: Karen McKenzie

  • Karen is the Income Generation Director at Douglas Macmillan Hospice, one of the UK’s top 10 independent hospices
  • She has worked within the voluntary sector – for national and regional charities, both large and small and at most levels including operational, management and latterly strategic – since 1990
  • Her current role is significant and challenging and one which continues to enthral and motivate her passion for the sector

Profile: Douglas Macmillan Hospice

  • Douglas Macmillan Hospice – or the DougieMac, as the organisation is more commonly known – is the only adult hospice in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire
  • The team prides itself on being a local independent charity providing care and support to local people facing any life-limiting illness over the age of 18
  • It has been providing care both on the hospice site in Blurton and in people’s own homes since 1973
  • Find out more on the Dougie Mac website

Profile: Richard Marbrow

  • Richard Marbrow is a Senior Policy in the Government and Society team within the Strategic Liaison Department
  • He works with stakeholders in the charity sector to promote compliance with data protection laws, particularly around charity fundraising

Profile: Information Commissioner’s Office

  • The ICO is the UK’s independent authority with the remit of upholding information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals
  • For more insight, please take a look at the ICO website


Thursday, September 22

Preferences and Compliance

We’re delighted that John Mitchison has agreed to deliver two workshops to DUC 2016, in addition to playing a pivotal role in the Preferences and Compliance Masterclass that will, in effect, launch the conference on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 21.

While the Masterclass is shaped for the chief executives, trustees and directors who shoulder the legal responsibility for meeting their organisations’ statutary obligations on the subject of preferences and compliance, John’s workshops will be geared for those members of your team who put those processes into action.

We suggest that, between now and then, you keep eyes on the headlines, particularly in the aftermath of the Euro referendum vote, in case there are early perceived implications for data protection legislation.

Gift Aid

Neil Paterson is a new name and face for donorflex clients – but we’re sure he’ll be given a warm welcome that will reflect the sense of anticipation that always accompanies a Gift Aid workshop.

We know how important these sessions have proved at past events, and much of that is down to the way Andrew Kayley, the expert most associated with delivering reassuring insight at previous conferences and special seminars, has tuned in to your needs and concerns.

Neil’s approach will be the same. So, don’t worry if you think your question’s been asked before, or you feel it’s too trivial for a DUC workshop. It probably has, and it never is. Those are the answers to those two potential concerns.

Profile: Neil Paterson

  • Neil has performed various HMRC roles since he joined the service 2001, including the New Cases and Customer Contact Teams
  • He assisted implementing the ChV1 form and also worked on the Online Service Helpdesk
  • In 2016, he joined the Outreach Team, delivering presentations and guidance to charities

Profile: Anne Bloxham

  • Anne has worked for HMRC for nine years
  • She moved to Charities in 2012, initially as repayment manager, and trained staff in the online repayment system
  • She took charge of the online support and Gift Aid helpline teams in 2013, and joined the Outreach team in September, 2014

Profile: James Johnson

  • James has worked for HMRC for more than four years, following a career in the charity sector
  • He was on the Online Service Helpdesk for three years, dealing with online claims
  • He’s now on the Charities Assurance Team, ensuring charities only claim what they’re entitled to!

Profile: HMRC 

  • HMRC’s purpose is to collect the taxes that fund the UK’s public services and provide targeted financial support to families and individuals, while pursuing non-compliance to reduce the tax gap
  • Charities is responsible for recognition, maintenance, monitoring and policing of charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) and processing of Gift Aid and other reliefs
  • To support HMRC’s digital agenda, we have an online registration service and assisted digital programme that enable customers to get online


Data Protection

Gary Shipsey’s a new name on the DUC agenda, though his company – Protecture – and his data protection seminars will be well known to users who’ve seen him at national conferences like CHASE or attended one of his seminars.

They’re sharp and insightful. We know. We’ve sat in the audience.

Expect to have all your questions answered, and to go back to your office with information about aspects of data protection you hadn’t yet considered.

Profile: Gary Shipsey (Protecture)

  • Gary is Managing Director and co-founder of Protecture
  • He holds BCS Practitioner Certification in the Data Protection Act, Information Risk Management and the Freedom of Information Act
  • He’s also Chair of the Third Sector Group of the Information and Records Management Society (IRMS)
  • Protecture provide a subscription-based data protection service, supporting organisations to ensure data protection compliance across all areas. A subscription provides access to:
  • Their team of data protection specialists
  • Access to up-to-date policies and other template documents
  • Ongoing support, onsite training, external audit, events and regular updates


Data cleansing

Neel Pattni is another new name on the DUC agenda, though the message at the heart of his workshop session will be entirely familiar to anyone who’s worked with the donorflex team.

DBS Data’s Head of Business Direct will engage you on the subjects of data formatting, the importance of correct data capture, the compliance of your data capture forms, the difference between initial / forename / surname matching, the impact of incorrect and inconsistent data, and data suppression.

Love your data. You know it makes sense.

Social media

Aaron Bridgeforth has an approach to social media that has lifted St Nicholas Hospice’s engagement with supporters to a level that will open many eyes among DUC delegates.

We’ve been in their audience at a couple of events – the Institute of Fundraising’s Hospice Fundraising conference and the National Association of Hospice Fundraisers come to mind – and been very impressed by what his team’s achieving in Bury St Edmund’s and the Suffolk landscape beyond, and how they’re achieving it.

Be ready to make copious notes on the benefits of moving quickly and thoughtfully to communicate in real time and keep the momentum of hospice events and supporters’ own fundraising efforts right up there in the Facebook and Twitter headlights.

Their DUC session will look purely at social media, not donorflex. Prepare to be impressed.

Profile: Aaron Bridgeforth (Marketing and Communications Manager, St Nicholas Hospice)

  • Over the past five years, Aaron has used his skills in marketing to help make living with dying better
  • He has developed the role of digital media in fundraising and the promotion of its services
  • In 2016, he’s gained fresh insights from two big projects – launching a new website, and becoming a graduate from the Institute of Digital Marketing

Profile: Lucy Kayne (Digital Communications Manager, St Nicholas Hospice)

  • As Digital Communications Officer, Lucy’s role is to engage with the Hospice’s audience, using digital media to increase awareness of services, help generate income and develop a sense of community 
  • She also brings photography skills to the role and is often seen with camera in hand, photographing hospice events or images for marketing material

Profile: St Nicholas Hospice Care

  • St Nicholas Hospice Care provides help, advice and support to people in West Suffolk and Thetford who are living with life-limiting illnesses
  • The hospice team’s services aren’t just for patients, but for their family and friends too. They include everything from specialist medical care to bereavement support and practical help


The donorflex journey

donorflex is the colleague that never takes a day off. It’s the source of facts, figures, insights and information that you probe in search of answers to your questions. And it’s the inspiration for great things to come.

More and more organisations are expanding their use of donorflex across its full range of functionality, and they’re expanding their horizons as a result.

Clive James, Great North Air Ambulance’s Head of Projects and Information Management, will join our own Steve Mason in this workshop to shine a light on the many dividends being reaped in Darlington by the systematic, increased use of donorflex. You’ll be inspired.

Profile: Clive James (Head of Projects and Information Management)

  • Clive is a hard-core nerd with a passion for technology and making it do what people need it to do
  • When he’s not at a desk, he likes to be outdoors either running or cycling. The further the better!

Profile: Great North Air Ambulance Service

  • GNAA operates three helicopters covering an area from the north of Yorkshire to the Scottish border
  • They attend an average of around 900 calls a year, providing world-class, doctor-led emergency medical care on scene, including anaesthesia, blood transfusions and plasma